Friday, August 29, 2014

Tapping out

Work busy.
Out of state visitors.
Out of country visitors!
Volunteer work.
Kindergarten orientation.
First day of school.

Oh yeah.
Marathon training.

Too much!
For now.
Finding myself having a hard time finding humor but it will come.

2nd & University
Today's death of a female Seattle cyclist makes my heart heavy.
Makes me think I will prioritize slowing down.
Makes me think I will drop a few things from my list for the time being.

Until later...


  1. Love you! It's so hard to do it all.
    I am sad too, saw the news. Thinking of all you Seattle cyclists...

  2. I thought I'd have more time with kindergarten starting. Nope. Listen to your heart! Hugs.

  3. I gave similar thoughts as well, I need to learn to relax and live life instead of thinking, planning and worrying all the time

  4. hugs, thinking of all my cyclist friends.