Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I've returned, more average than ever and that is good

Where do I start after a year off? It's been pretty quiet on the run front until recently, but it's gettin' good! I have one half marathon under my belt for 2014 (recap coming) and marathon comeback is in progress. Oh yes.

I have a goal. This time my goal is NOT to run my first marathon AND attempt to qualify for Boston at once. My goal is to finish injury-free and feel good enough to drink a beer at the finish. (Is that two goals or one?)

I have a plan. I went back through old books, checked out RW Smart Coach, conferred with my training partner, and finally settled on a 3-run day/week plan. One easy run, one speed work session, one long run. I will continue to bike commute and lift weights for cross training 2x/week and try to take one full rest day but also hope to incorporate yoga.

I'm REALLY enjoying the strength training I've been doing since May and want to continue to prioritize the iron in 20-minute increments (thank you Kim & Kerrie to turning me on to the Metabolic Effect workouts!). If I can work another easy run day into the week I will, but I will not stress about it.

In fact, that is the big change from 2011's efforts - I am really going to try to take it easy and not stress about this stuff(Proof: Already deviated from the plan - this week's tempo became a hill workout today. I just felt like running hills coming up from Lake Washington instead. No hay pedo.)

By late August, my long runs will synch with my training partner, S, who is in MUCH better fitness and who I'm hoping I can keep up with! I really enjoyed training for Eugene with her last year (while I was pregnant) and look forward to more.

I have new shoes - Mizuno. I've been running in Seattle-based Brooks since 1999 or 2000, so this was a big shift. I may still run in Brooks but ever since the Mizuno Mezamashii Project sent out those free shoes that I enjoyed (and Wendy Davis made history in hers), I have been ready to give these hot, light Wave Riders a try. I admit I feel a bit like a Brooks traitor after all these years.


This was pretty boring but I'll bring the boozin' & carousin' in for the next post...just gotta lay the foundation, right?