Sunday, July 21, 2013

Stating the obvious

I'm taking a break. From running and from blogging.

Work has gotten more and more busy, and it's forced me to put everything else on the back-burner. As I can, I've gotten in some short strength workouts but I've done very little exercise since I hit 28 weeks.

I'm just plain pooped. Lots of nights working until 1 or 2 a.m. while getting up early to be with my little guy and then go to work. Crazy to think I could get the same or maybe more sleep while on maternity leave!

This week should be more normal, and I'm hoping I can actually get into the pool just to relax with some light activity that makes me feel slightly less pregnant. This second baby is riding really low and heavy in my pelvis and I could really use some weightlessness feeling about now.

Scheduled c-section coming up on August 29th, unless this little guy comes sooner. Until then, will work on working less, drinking more water, keeping up with the vegetable garden, exercising once in a while, and enjoying the truly fantastic summer that we are having in Seattle.

Not sure when I'll blog again - maybe when I figure out a running come-back plan? I'm excited to run again, especially after walking a 5k with my family this morning and seeing all the runners enjoying the summer racing season...

Today was our 7th year of participating in the Swedish SummeRun 5k walk as team Walking for Mary in honor of my aunt who died of ovarian cancer. It was a bit cool but quite pleasant and I didn't really take many pictures - too busy visiting with family. Another great weekend of tradition and remembering our loved one.

sweetie-pie nieces

Cousin, little guy being goofy, Avg Woman Runner @ 34 weeks pregnant
I hope everyone has a lovely time the rest of summer & I hope to come back to the runner-blogger world this fall to be re-inspired to achieve new goals!


  1. You look fantastic, and the kid is adorable. Miss you!

  2. I don't blame you one bit for being tired. Take a break while you can. WIshing you all the best!

  3. You are the most adorable pregnant person. Love ya!

  4. You look great!!! I completely understand the break!

  5. Take care of yourself and that baby to be!

  6. Have been missing your posts. Take care, and please get someone to post when the baby comes! Otherwise I'll be thinking of you - good luck with it all and have a great summer too!

  7. I will miss your blog, but totally understand your priorities! You have to let us know when your bundle of joy arrives!!

  8. i've missed you but figured this was the case :) you look great!! i can't wait to "meet" the new baby. will be thinking of you! hoping you are getting enough rest too :) xoxo

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