Sunday, June 2, 2013

But for this big belly,

I would love to try this! Just to see what these moves are like.

Maybe after I check a couple things off my running dream list, I will move some energy into trying cross-fit? 

Friday, I attended the first day of the Northwest Regional Crossfit Games with my crossfit-loving bff, the Cinnematographer. I told her I'd join her in this craziness "after Boston." Within 2-3 years?

Watching made me so curious to just see what I could do, if any, of these workouts. I'm bummed I only remembered to take photos when the guys were competing because it was the women who really had me enthralled (mind too occupied to remember to take a pic).

One thing I hadn't realized about crossfit is that the workouts really aren't modified for women. All equal. BADASS.

So with that, I'm newly inspired to pump some iron. I just have to avoid deep, wide squats & bending over. Otherwise, I should be able to do quite a bit with my 6-month belly.

Hoping to report back on weekly success in just getting my butt into that gym (last week: 1 last run, 1 circuit strength workout, and 1 elliptical workout: light but better than previous 2 weeks).


  1. Crossfit is for real. If it wasn't so expensive, I would consider joining our local box. I think you have to be committed to it for the price, you just can't half ass going once in awhile.

  2. LOL!! You rock sister.. I am sitting on the couch debating when I should fill my bowl with ice cream... Fatigue has taken over BIG TIME!!

  3. it was soo fun when I did it...but hard to balance it all. and expensive :)