Sunday, June 9, 2013

Big sweat, big rewards

This weekend I was fortunate to go with my close girlfriends to stay at a cabin on Lake Kachess, about 60 miles east of Seattle off I-90.

Saturday morning we debated about which route to hike and settled on Easton/Kachess Ridge, which was listed as 3 of 5 rating in difficulty with great views from the top of the ridge.  We set out for our 6-mile RT hike with snacks and energy from a good breakfast and ascended about 2,200 feet over 3 miles.

It was sunny and warm (not hot!) and the route was in the shade of the trees. Along the way, we spent some time following Silver Creek and crossing patches of snow. At one point, we startled a poor garter snake sunning herself. She was quite pretty & large (green & orangey red coloring over brown) compared to most garters I see. On the way back down, we ran into another, much smaller one.

I didn't catch a photo of the snake but did capture these fun fungi!

I struggled getting up the steep switchbacks, carrying this 6-month belly with diminished lung capacity and larger blood volume, but it felt good to work. I was a big sweaty mess when I got to the top but it felt so good to really work up that ridge.

Mt. Rainier

Looking down from Beacon Tower, great view from atop here!

There were a lot of wildflowers blooming as well but as soon as I began to take photos, my camera battery died! Grrrr! 

On the way down, I really appreciated how steep the climb had been and felt pretty proud of how well I had done*. My calves were thrashed from the route up and my quads were quivering from the trip down. 

A day later, and my legs are SO SORE! As I climb the stairs, wincing, here at home, it's great reminder of the hard but rewarding hike with my girlfriends. GOOD MEDICINE!

*GF with whom I went to cross fit regionals with last weekend was carrying the heaviest pack up the mountain and was climbing quickly & easily up ahead of us. She is so fantastically tough & strong from cross fit!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

But for this big belly,

I would love to try this! Just to see what these moves are like.

Maybe after I check a couple things off my running dream list, I will move some energy into trying cross-fit? 

Friday, I attended the first day of the Northwest Regional Crossfit Games with my crossfit-loving bff, the Cinnematographer. I told her I'd join her in this craziness "after Boston." Within 2-3 years?

Watching made me so curious to just see what I could do, if any, of these workouts. I'm bummed I only remembered to take photos when the guys were competing because it was the women who really had me enthralled (mind too occupied to remember to take a pic).

One thing I hadn't realized about crossfit is that the workouts really aren't modified for women. All equal. BADASS.

So with that, I'm newly inspired to pump some iron. I just have to avoid deep, wide squats & bending over. Otherwise, I should be able to do quite a bit with my 6-month belly.

Hoping to report back on weekly success in just getting my butt into that gym (last week: 1 last run, 1 circuit strength workout, and 1 elliptical workout: light but better than previous 2 weeks).