Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The run commute (en fotos)

After having to pedal downhill against yesterday's mighty gusts of wind, I decided I would run commute to work today and then take the light rail home. Safer. Less effort. A few blocks in, it occurred to me to photo document the run, as I'm never sure how much longer I will continue to run (@ gestation week 24 today).

We begin by heading north toward downtown Seattle...

This is my 'hood, but not my bumper

Love this creepy hospital (also former Amazon.com HQ)
Then, cross over toward town via the Jose Rizal Bridge...

Downtown from Jose Rizal Bridge (creepy hospital building is behind me), Elliot Bay in distance
This was taken about mid-point along the bridge. NOT a good thing for a hormonal pregnant lady thinking about future sleepless nights to see.

The bridge leads us into Little Saigon and from there we head west toward the International District...

Chinese Baptist Church

I love biking/running by here in the early mornings. Next door to the capoeira academy, the Tsue Chong Company makes FORTUNE COOKIES which makes the air smell DELICIOUS. It reminds me of my high school job of making waffle cones at Haagen Dazs. That may have been the best job ever.

Just a park
Looking to buy the best dumplings in Seattle to take home? Look no further than Ping's Dumpling House! Stock up & fill yer freezer! I also like those scallion pancake things. What are they called?

Welcome gates to the ID, but watch out for the guards...

Funny thing, I've lived here forever but not sure I've ever been inside Union Station. What the heck is in here? Can anyone tell me? I should find out next time I'm running by.
King St. Station is where you go to catch the train. THIS place I've been to. The Amtrak ride to Portland is quite lovely.
This little view downtown few people probably see. This is where the trains come/go to King St.Station from the north. If you've been to one of our Mariner baseball games, you are familiar with our trains that run past the stadium and upset the visiting teams (see Safeco Field in dist)!

One of several "wedge" shaped buildings in town
Heading north from the ID and King St. Station you get into the downtown core with a long, slow, steady climb. You will probably pass a few coffee shops along the way and think about stopping. But you won't, because you are not done climbing yet.

New construction = my 28th floor office views will soon change. At least they post nice art on the walls around the jobs site. This installment features agricultural  & pea patch scenes.
The end of my 2.8 mile journey was the Y's locker room. With all the photo taking, I'd missed out on any time to strength train, ah well...
Kitty-corner from the Y is our famous public library

Here is a better shot of the library, taken from the front steps of the Y.
If you made it this far, you get a lovely photo of my feet. Yesterday someone asked me why I tape my feet. I had to explain that because of all the relaxin coursing through my blood causing my ligaments to loosen, I needed the tape to hold my feet together to prevent injury. The person's response: "Wow! How long have you been on this relaxin stuff?"

I couldn't help but laugh. I forgot that not everyone is tuned into pregnancy hormones. Of course, there is absolutely no reason to know about that junk if you're not pregnant. So, I had to explain that I'd been "on it" for a few months now and that I would continue for another few months or so until my pregnancy is complete but that the relaxin was a totally endogenous compound. Not a drug I was taking! 

Embellishments compliments of RockTape
After getting cleaned up, it was off to work to make the doughnuts or bring home the bacon...or whatever. I was happy to start my day with a nice little run to work!


  1. you have so many great sites along your route! I really need to do a better job of photo documenting my runs- excellent idea

  2. 1. Where are the rail cars?

    2. That bumper in your 'hood made me LOL. You live in a much nicer neighborhood than one to have a bumper in the road. Tacky neighbor, very tacky.

    3. Yes, the train ride to Portland is lovely, when will you be taking it again?

    4. This may be my favorite post ever. The photos of Seattle make me miss that city and the tape on your feet is priceless.

    Miss you!

    1. I tried to get things that are less attractive but it's hard not to take pictures of the pretty buildings (stations).
      But, you are so right Kim! I totally forgot to insert a good one of the train tracks that I took - see updated photo addition.
      A train trip to PDX would be a great summer weekend adventure. Maybe we can work that out (little man would love it).

  3. You have such a fun commute! Way nicer than 15 miles on the 5 during rush hour ;)

  4. Union station - is now used for business, HQ for Sound Transit I think and can be rented out...it used to be the former train station....what we think of as King Street Station now.

    1. Ah-ha! THank you! I will have to pop in there one of these days to check it out.

  5. Wow, so many different sights, I can't believe it was only less than 3 miles! I like the bridge.

  6. This was fun. Thanks for sharing your run to work with us. You are inspiring with your runs and bikes to work!!

  7. I love this! So funny about the Relaxin comment! Hahaha!

  8. such a pretty run! love that i kinda know where you are. and fortune cookies? i would skip work and go eat. ;)

  9. LOVE your running commute, wonderful pictures. It felt like it is much longer than 3 miles!! You are very lucky!

  10. Wow!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! And what a nice treat to come over here and see beautiful Seattle.....sigh..... =) So beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!!! And that is too funny about the relaxin!!