Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Quick tip on run-commuting

Tie a piece of string on your finger to help you remember to check your pack twice before leaving the house: 

Remember that no matter how great your run to work was and how cool it felt to wear your Altra Zero-drop shoes for nearly 3 miles...

the elation will rapidly disappear if you arrive at the gym, shower, and dig your work clothes out of your backpack only to find...

you forgot...

CLEAN underwear and a bra. 

Learn from the distracted & forgetful Average Woman Runner. 

Is there anything worse post-shower than having to put on sweaty wet underwear and/or sports bra? 


Lucky for me, I caught my husband before he left the house. I was ok to just go cowboy & wear the nasty sweaty bra just long enough to run outside of the gym to meet my husband who had kindly picked up some clean, dry undergarments for me, tagging on an extra 30 minutes to his commute.

Thank you, sweetie, for saving my bacon today. 

I will continue to run commute another day but will NOT forgot to check my pack twice before leaving the house! 


  1. Hahaha, that's my biggest fear when I commute via running or cycling, so I definitely check. Lucky you had the hubby to save you! :)

  2. Oh geez. That's something you only forget once I think!

  3. I had 1st period PE in 8th grade and didn't wear/bring a bra to school one day. Ack, will never, ever forget how awful that was. Thanks for the tip!

  4. so do you wear a small bag while running or how does that work. I'll be honest, I'll go commando before putting on dirty underwear. since my chest isn't too large I could maybe go sans bra and if need be I could use bandaids for the nips ;)

    1. Yup - I went commando until clean undies arrived. Normally, may be able to squeak by without a top but with being pregnant...not possible. I wear a backpack and just try to pack very light - light clothing and only minimum essentials: planner, phone, keys, wallet, lightrail pass for getting home, maybe hardboiled egg or something else light for breakfast. I just plan on buying a lunch on these days so I don't have to pack much food.

  5. Whenever I cycle to work (toady in fact!) I live in constant fear of having forgotten pants, bra, trousers - anything! I think it would probably be worse if I forgot a smart top and had to wear a sweaty cycling t-shirt. At least inappropriate underwear can be hidden!

  6. Ouch! Been there. Done that. Have a sale-rack bra from Macy's to prove it. ;-)

  7. I am laughing only because I did that on Thursday. I told my daughter who was at the Body Pump class and she offered her underwear to me but that meant she would have to wear sweaty underwear. Nothing is open at 6 in the morning. Sooooo, I had to go commando!

  8. I commute by bike everyday; I really know what you are talking about!! hahaha It's good to know I am not the only one who has ever forgotten a clean underwear at home!