Friday, April 12, 2013

Slacker, and I like it

My running is on target this week but I haven't biked once or done a single strength workout. I'm not even going to push myself to squeeze anything in but for a short bike to meeting this afternoon. Not going to beat myself up about it, nope. It's just one of those weeks.

I am SO EXCITED for BOSTON on Monday though! Maybe I'm saving my energy for that? Going to get up & do some live streaming so I can see how Shalane & Kara do. WOOHOO!

In the meantime, I have some cookies to bake.

**GOOD LUCK to LIZ, the Runner Mum, running a marathon this weekend!**

Have a great weekend everyone! RUN ON!


  1. I'm excited for Boston too. I have a girlfriend who is running it. I'm also a slacker too. I wish that I wouldn't let it bother me. Can I borrow your attitude. Also, I didn't bake the cookies I'm eating today, I bought them at Trader Joes (so I'm even more the slacker -- lol!!)

    1. Ha! I am not always easy on myself, but this week I cry uncle.

  2. You cheat! You looked me up! Ha! Thanks for the good luck wish - it must have worked. :)