Monday, March 18, 2013

Plan for the week - 6 weeks to Eugene!

Last week finished well with a chilly but pleasant 10-miler with SL, who had 20 miles to do, and my bf, IJO, who is training for her first half (Vancouver). SL did 10 miles on her own before meeting up with IJO & I for the second 10, which we finished...

at a bakery of course. Almond croissant & cup of Earl Gray made the run complete.

There were a ton of runners out on the Burke Gilman trail (we ran to Golden Gardens & back). I'm thinking it must be all the Seattle RNR people training? Along with other random area races like Eugene, Vancouver, Whidby. So many races, so little time.

I've already messed up the plan for this week but whatever, I'm happy I'm still moving. I have to leave the Type A competitive me at the door until 2014 & I have my whole body back. Here's the deal:

  • Monday - RUN. I planned to switch my mid-week run days from Tues/Thurs to Mon/Wed so I can take advantage of strength classes at the Y on Tues/Thurs without trying to fit too much into one day. So, I went to bed early Sunday night to get an early morning 7-miles in Monday BUT my body decided otherwise. I seem to be developing bad sleep patterns with this pregnancy. ONCE AGAIN, I woke up around 3 a.m. due to some f-ed up dreams. Not pleasant. Then, I was so worked up I couldn't fall back to sleep until about 5:30 a.m. When that alarm went off I slapped that sucker off to get more sleep. Frustrating. Luckily, I was able to sneak out of work just a little early to get 4.5 mi run in at the end of the day. I cruised down to the waterfront along with every other runner in downtown Seattle and enjoyed a clear spring evening. Quite nice to end the day with a jaunt along the bay. 
  • Tuesday - STRENGTH! I have a lunch date so no YMCA class for me but I should be able to do some Jillian Michaels or solo gym work. If I'm really good, I'll ride my bike in too but I think I'll wait and see how the weather is. A little barefoot jogging would be good too, just 10-15 min. 
  • Wednesday - SPEED WORK is what the plan calls for, short intervals over 3-4 miles. With my restrictions on heart rate/body temp, I will just go for a good run and see if I can work in a few short hills. 
  • Thursday - STRENGTH! I want to try a Y class, Above the Barre. It was recommended for me because it's great strength building with no impact/little cardio. No excuses, gotta make time to fit this into the work day.
  • Friday - YOGA at home, with Rodney Yee.
  • Saturday - Shorter long run of 8 miles, easy pace. 
  • Sunday - REST
Hopefully I can pull it all off, along with mixing in some barefoot run time in there to keep my stride right.

Good luck everyone on keeping moving this week! I hope your spring weather is coming along as nicely as it is here in Seattle (so far).


  1. We're in the middle of a snow day! Sounds like your running is going great.

  2. So excited for Eugene and to see you soon!

  3. sounds like you are prepped for Eugene! How long do you go for adding in barefoot running?

    1. I've been just going for about 15 minutes then I try to maintain the same footstrike when I'm running in shoes. If/when I can be more consistent about doing the barefoot, I will gradually increase by 3-5 min, but will only increase once in a week then run at that duration for a good while before increasing. Super cautious!

  4. All this strength!!! You're the strongest :).

  5. Ooh, good choice with all the cross-training. I started so well doing strength but I just find it so boring! Must do better...

  6. I have such a hard time with my training schedule - and fitting in certain classes at the gym. I've been incredibly "off" my plan but hoping to get refocused this next week. No more races until EUGENE!! So excited to finally meet you there!

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  10. Yay, Eugene is coming along great!! I always have to change up training days, isn't that a written law somewhere?

    We just got blasted with a spring storm. 15". Bleh, so over winter!