Monday, February 11, 2013

SXM vacation run #1

First morning in Sint Maarten, headed out the door at 7:30 a.m. to find the beach and explore my running.

Run #1: 3.75 miles, part beach, part road
It was hot but there was a strong breeze on the beach that helped me stay cool. I used my new Amphpod handheld 20 oz. bottle to stay hydrated and to carry $$ in case I had the good fortune of sniffing out a bakery.

I started on the beach then cut inland a bit to find a bakery. I saw a few people carrying baguettes but couldn't tell where they purchased them!

Lessons learned on Day 1:
  1. Begin run no later than 7:30 to avoid the heat.
  2. Morning beach time is NOT for joggers (only 3 spotted) so much as nude walkers (1 nude runner! I can't imagine no support but to each his own). 
  3. It's "bonjour" instead of "good morning."
  4. My sniffer failed to find a bakery, need to ask for directions next time.
  5. American breakfast is about $15 so better to eat in the condo.
  6. A butterfly preserve is found nearby, must investigate later.
  7. At >1 mile inland, it gets HILLY. Be prepared to walk some.


  1. I find the idea of nude running STRANGE. And I am no prude. I just can't picture how you run with all that flopping....

    1. My sentiments EXACTLY!
      I can't be shocked by body parts. I do, however, cringe at the thought of uncomfortable bouncing and chafing.

      That said... must mean no horrible "runner's tan" lines! ;)

  2. Enjoy your trip! I'm so glad you went out running. What a treat. Can't wait to see what you discover in the coming days.

  3. i would literally be holding my boobs in order to run. OUCH. surprised there aren't more people out running!?

  4. Great tip about running before 7:30 AM. I tried to run during the afternoon on one trip and had a very tough time. The Caribbean heat and humidity is not great for easy running.

  5. Wowzers. I am jealous of heat, beach, nude runners etc... Have a great time!

  6. If you want to ask in French where the bakery is, it's "Ou est la boulangerie?" Phonetically, it's Ooh (like oooooh!) a (like the letter A) la (as in fa la la la la) booloongeree?

    Because everyone should know where the bakery is after a run!

    1. Excellent! Thanks for the pronunciation. I speak Spanish but it does not help me here!

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  9. Sounds like a good run! To bad about breakfast though. But there is always next time :-)