Friday, February 1, 2013

Dietary analysis & week updates

  • It's TEAM GAB time of year! Two years ago my favorite blogger took her 4-yr old to the doctor only to find that she had leukemia. Now, Gabby is in the home stretch on her treatments and doing well. To support this amazing girl and her family, join the TEAM GAB SECOND ANNUAL VIRTUAL RACE!  Donate, run, win, feel good.
  • I was contacted by a graduate student in Eastern Illinois about participating in a dietary study among female runners. After submitting what I ate over a 3-day period, I received a summary of my nutrient and calorie intake. The verdict: Not bad but definitely areas for improvement: reduce fat intake a bit, maybe carbs too, and increase intake of a couple vitamins & minerals. 
    • The researcher noted that my target calorie intake is 2,200 calories, which is WAY more than I would have expected. This was based on my age, height, and weight but not activity level. Over 3 days, my average intake was 1,961 calories. Higher than I expected but I suppose ok?  
    • Target protein = 46g; Actual = 70g, 14% of calories. Ok? I like meat so I hope so.
    • Target carbs = 130g; Actual = 281g, 57% of calories. I think this is a bit high? But what can I say, I had a couple too many rice crispy treats (dipped in chocolate) this week!
    • Target dietary fiber = 25g; Actual = 31g. Booya! Bob Harper would approve I think.
    • Target total fat = 20-35% of calories; Actual = 32%. Hmm. I could work on this one. 
    • Minerals = I was pretty good on this one except low on Calcium and Potassium. Not a surprise on the calcium. I supplement. Where do I get potassium? Need to look that one up.
    • Vitamins = Again, all pretty good except for two: Vit D (I supplement, I live in Seattle after all) and Choline. Where do I get choline? What the heck does it do anyway? 
  • RunBandz giveaway - Two randomly-selected winners were no-shows so I just picked someone who had provided their email in their response. 
  • Work-week highlight: I had my annual performance evaluation yesterday. Again, so thankful to have a job. It always stresses me out going in for these, but then I feel good coming out. Why do I freak out so much?
  • Food highlight this week: Curried butternut squash & mushroom soup. I need more squash in my life. Recipes anyone? 
  • Mom highlight: "Mom! I went ca-ca on the potty! Can I have a cookie?" No. You're supposed to go ca-ca on the potty. "But why can't I have a cookie?" We can't have cookies every day, every time we use the potty. "But why?" ?? [at 5:57 a.m.]
  • Home stressor: The kegerator is dry and Superbowl is Sunday. This is some serious shit y'all! Hubs better get on the stick! 

Tomorrow's LONG RUN wraps up WEEK 6 of EUGENE MARATHON training! How has it been 6 weeks already? Time flies when you're having fun...and eating doughnuts. 

Thursday was a HILL workout day: 10 min warm-up/cool-down with 45 seconds of hill repeats (rest interval as long as needed). I finished up feeling great, though every run around my hood is a hill run, and was blocks from my house when I smelled it... 


One block out...

"Damn, it's a good thing I don't have any money with me!" 
"Wait! I have my water belt on! I always have a secret cash stash in there...I DO have money! I DO!"
"I'm not going to stop. I shouldn't stop."
"Why not? How often do you eat doughnuts?"

About to pass the door...

"Well, my long run this weekend is finishing at Seattle's best bakery. I'll have my treat then. I can wait."
Seconds later, my water belt pouch is being opened to find the secret $5 and I've got three soft, fresh, sweet, sticky doughnuts ordered to run home with for the family. This was BEFORE I received the results of my nutrition analysis (cut fat!) but not sure it would have helped me in this situation! 

So awesome.

I hit most of my other workouts this week except for my core/strength but there is hope I will get that in yet: 
  • Easy 7 mi run: Hilly but great. 
  • Cross training: Cycling in the rain.
  • Easy 3 mi run: This turned into a shorter errand run where at 6:30 a.m. I was cruising around the neighborhood trying to find a store open to buy eggs. 


  1. You're the nicest. I probably would have eaten ALL THREE on my way home :D

  2. Hahaha! If only we could have cookies every time. Karsen always wants M&Ms after. Still.

  3. Yeah for Team Gab!

    I feel it's important to finish most runs at the coffee or donut shop. I approve!

  4. Ha! No cookies at 6am?? You're so mean!

    Thanks for the mention and your donation! <3 have fun at my favorite bakery this weekend ;)

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  6. Note to self: Never run past a doughnut shop. Ha! And in case you're counting, 85 days until Eugene!!!!!! Ah!!!

  7. Can't wait to hear about the analysis, but how are you feeling compare to other training programs? Please post recipe to the Curry butternut squash & mushroom soup.

  8. hahaha. i would love a cookie every time i went to the bathroom. he is hilarious! i was quite shocked at my carb intake on my lose it app. but, i eat a lot of fruit. and it's high in carbs. aren't those "good" carbs? or is there such a thing? i mean, i'm not eating loaves of bread or baked i'm assuming it's okay. i need something from that bakery. asap.

  9. Oh my God I love fresh doughnuts! I would have had to stop. Nutrition is an area I know very little about and keep meaning to improve on.

  10. So cool you got a free dietary analysis!!

  11. Both the potty-training story and the doughnut story made me laugh out loud. :)

    I have to admit that I'm not much of a doughnut person (give me nachos instead!) but I've been lured into a post-run doughnut in Seattle more than once... Mighty-O in Tangletown was a favorite after running around Green Lake. And the Top Pot doughnuts after the midnight 4th of July 5k were a nice post-race reward. :)

    It won't help on the carb-reduction front... but I love pumpkin or butternut squash risotto. A good friend wrote up the recipe on her family blog: