Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Good riddance, 2012

There were certainly some great times in 2012, beginning with the Maui Oceanfront Half Marathon with KIM, meeting new friend & runner Sarah, my best friend's wedding in Whistler, double-header DE-NJ running weekend with Kim & LJ, and more.

But really, this was one of those rare years that made me appreciate how great most OTHER years are and how blessed I truly am. The last time I had a less than stellar year was...2006. Pretty fortunate, really. Aside from the fact that I DNS the Capital City Half Marathon due to plantar fasciitis and ended up taking four months off from running, I just had a lot of personal, non-running shit going on.

It doesn't make any sense, but switching over to a new calendar FEELS good. I know every day can be a fresh start but there is something cleansing about January 1st.

After having essentially no running goals in 2012 (because I thought I would be having a baby), I've decided 2013 must be different. As broadcast already, I've registered for the Eugene Marathon on April 28th. The FULL. It may not make sense as we've decided to go ahead and give baby #2 another shot (finally got the mental strength back to try again) AND because I am still battling the plantar fasciitis, but...

whatever. I need a goal.

Unlike my 2011 marathon attempt where I arrived at the start line OVER-trained and ended up injured at mile 14, my 2013 training will be much more sane. In 2011, I wanted to simultaneously finish my first marathon AND qualify for Boston. In 2013, my goal will be to FINISH. A perfectly reasonable goal.


And, if my plantar fasciitis (or a pregnancy?) forces me to downgrade to the half or bail - - - it will be o.k. because in the meantime, I will just enjoy following a training program and pushing myself.

To get me to that Eugene start line with a healthy body, I will be following the Another Mother Runner "FINISH IT" marathon plan from Train Like a Mother. More on this later...



  1. great goals for the new year- I'll be cheering for you! :)

  2. I'm kind of missing 2012...I hope 2013 brings amazing things for you and your family (and many opportunities to see me!)

  3. I hope 2013 brings you everything you need and want (whatever that turns out to be).

  4. Have a great 2013! Run strong!

  5. Fantastic goals for 2013! I am running my first marathon this year as well... a little crazy, but I've GOT to do it, you know?

  6. I think it's great to set the goal of running the Eugene marathon. Have fun and things will fall in place. Sometimes we try to control and plan everything and forget to just enjoy the moment. If it is meant to be it will happen anyway!

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