Sunday, January 27, 2013

Essential 14 + Another RunBandz winner

Ok, first thing first: The winner of the RunBandz giveaway hasn't contacted me in the last week so I drew another name. Well, first the random number generator picked the exact same commenter so I clicked again and our new winner is:

KATRINA (wakeboarding mama)

Please email me:

My favorite part of "training" is my weekly long run. I love thinking about where to run, getting all my junk prepared (water, energy, bus pass-for-just-in-case, etc), and just heading out for 2+ hours. Heaven. I love these long runs solo so I can let my mind wander, listen to my breathing, and go at my own pace. 

However, I also love taking these long runs with friends. This week was one of these such runs. Sally (also registered for Eugene) & I managed to get our first long run together of the season and braved the rains. This was a true Seattle winter day with a solid drizzle for an entire 14 miles. (With some great luck, Megan opted out of our run to get some extra sleep then managed to get all of her 10 miles in without rain!)

Partly because of the rain, I didn't pull my camera out to take photos so you'll have to take my word that we covered some interesting and pretty ground on our Essential 14. Why Essential, you ask? Well, it was the Essential 14 mile run because it started and finished at the Essential Baking Company.

Courtesy of USATF.ORG
When I'm left to plan a long route that does not start/finish at my house, I almost always figure out a way to finish at a bakery, cafe, or equivalent. That's just how I roll, baby. So after covering this lovely wet course, I enjoyed a cup of hot cocoa & an orange cinnamon sticky bun and brought home some fresh baked challah for french toast on Sunday. Nom nom!

Otherwise, training this week was "average"with no brilliant breakthroughs or revelations but there is still plenty of time for that later:

  • Monday 3 mi run or XT = Core workout and 35 min bike commute.
  • Tuesday 7 mi negative split run (3 mi, 3 mi, 1 mi) = Yes! This was a LOT of fun. Ran to the lake & back, VERY foggy.
  • Wednesday Rest or XT = Bike commute ~35 min biking total, no yoga or zumba as hoped. 
  • Thursday 6 mi =  Grabbed my gym bag, headed to work, braked for runch only to find that I had forgotten my shoes! I had my Altras in my desk drawer so I ended up going only 3 miles, pushing my max distance in these shoes. I was afraid going a full 6 mi would be too much, too soon in these zero-drop shoes. My calves were sore for 2 days but it actually felt REALLY good. My right foot plantar fascia was really acting up but once it warmed up, felt great and has bothered me less since this run. Coincidence?
  • Friday Rest or XT = None. Hoped to do strength but with a 4:15 a.m. wake-up by the little man and only a 1-hr nap on his part, my hopes of a workout were dashed.
  • Saturday 14 mi long = 13.5 miles, calling it close enough. 
  • Sunday Rest = Snowy play day in the mountains! 

This coming week should be pretty similar with mid-week 6 mi and 7 mi runs, only the 6 miler is a hill workout (YES, I actually like these). Long run should be 15 mi and I'm thinking of a finish at Bakery Nouveau, the best. bakery. ever.

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  1. Although I wished I could have run with you, I'm glad I didn't have any rain! I'm looking to do 13-14 next Saturday, so if I'm in town I'd love to run with you and go to Bakery Nouveau (I've never been!)

  2. I like your bakery route. I have a regular workout which involves cycling to a cafe, having a latte and cake while I read my book for 20 mins or so, then cycle home. Bliss!

    Your training looks to be going really well!

  3. Yum. This post is making me want to jump in my car (how lazy) and drive to a bakery! At least you're running to it. And LIz's idea of reading in the middle does equal bliss.

  4. i love your bakery plan. so jealous of your run with sally!! and love that pic!!

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