Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 is a peach

Kim is my loca friend who is cruising around the states running half marathons. This past October, I accompanied her & LJ on a double-header weekend to DE & NJ. It was fantastic. Prior to this, I had never even considered traveling for the sole purpose of running a race.

Lately, she's been tempting me to join her again this coming October for another east coast double-header. However, I don't think October is likely to pan out for me. Instead, I'm thinking of crashing her upcoming March trip to the land where peaches reign: a trip to run the GEORGIA HALF MARATHON.

The idea of getting to see bloggy friend Elizabeth (and maybe Kia or even possibly some co-workers I've been dying to meet?) may be too much to pass up. The timing is perfect with Kim heading out there.

It's crazy and
I feel guilty even thinking of it because...
in February we're taking a big family vacation.
I'm already going to be absent many Saturday mornings between now & April 28th for marathon training long runs.
my husband and I just don't travel separately except for work. Not typically. Just not our thing.
it's the same weekend as a close friend's 40th birthday.

I have enough points for a RT airline ticket.
I would be gone for just a weekend.
it would be SO MUCH FUN!!

Need to think on this...

In other news, marathon training week 2 went ok. I'm really grateful for the comments last week on my plan. I am definitely thinking of adding another 20-miler but still want to see how this first month of increased mileage goes. This week, I missed one "easy" run but got in:
  • 3 strength/fitness workouts
  • easy 2 mile run
  • 5 mile speedy run
  • 12 mile long run
I'm feeling pretty good, just a few twinges of the plantar fascia so I'm trying to be good about stretching my calves, icing, and rolling out my arches.

This coming week I have two easy runs (3, 5 mi), one tempo run (6 mi), one long run (11 mi) along with the strength & cross training.

And love that Jillian is BACK! Is anyone else giddy too? I'm so glad they've brought kids on the show but I'm curious to see how they handle them emotionally & physically, and how they protect them (I hope) from being completely exposed on national television.


  1. Your marathon plan looks good to me. I'm already panicking because I should be 2 weeks into my plan and I'm only up to a 5 mile long run and I've still got am injury! Aargh!

    I love Biggest Loser but it isn't shown in the UK at the moment. Boo...

  2. That would be awesome- I say do it! I was just talking to Kim last week and told her if she can find me a different Montana race that she can run with me ( I have a potential i'm doing same day as GA), then I'll skip out on MT and drive down to ATL! Girls weekend again!

  3. I pressure you, LJ pressures me...I love it! I hope GA works fun to see how many girls we can cram into E's apartment.

  4. I'm so excited to follow your marathon training! Let me know if you ever feel the need for a slow buddy on a Saturday. I'm DVRing Biggest Loser and can't wait to watch. I, too, love Jillian. Sometimes when I'm struggling, I pretend she's yelling at me.

  5. I've heard the GA race is REALLY good. I'm on Kim's side. You should do it! :D

  6. OMG - YES!!! I realy think you should join us on the CT/RI double in October!! Regardless, I'll be hangin with Kim at the Georgia Marathon too!!! Come Come so I can meet you! :) That should be a clincher, right?

  7. I've heard so many conflicting reports about long runs and their benefits. The plan I am following right now has two 20 milers separated by a week. The in between week is like 13 miles. I would just listen to your body, and maybe turn that middle week into one if you are feeling good.