Sunday, July 21, 2013

Stating the obvious

I'm taking a break. From running and from blogging.

Work has gotten more and more busy, and it's forced me to put everything else on the back-burner. As I can, I've gotten in some short strength workouts but I've done very little exercise since I hit 28 weeks.

I'm just plain pooped. Lots of nights working until 1 or 2 a.m. while getting up early to be with my little guy and then go to work. Crazy to think I could get the same or maybe more sleep while on maternity leave!

This week should be more normal, and I'm hoping I can actually get into the pool just to relax with some light activity that makes me feel slightly less pregnant. This second baby is riding really low and heavy in my pelvis and I could really use some weightlessness feeling about now.

Scheduled c-section coming up on August 29th, unless this little guy comes sooner. Until then, will work on working less, drinking more water, keeping up with the vegetable garden, exercising once in a while, and enjoying the truly fantastic summer that we are having in Seattle.

Not sure when I'll blog again - maybe when I figure out a running come-back plan? I'm excited to run again, especially after walking a 5k with my family this morning and seeing all the runners enjoying the summer racing season...

Today was our 7th year of participating in the Swedish SummeRun 5k walk as team Walking for Mary in honor of my aunt who died of ovarian cancer. It was a bit cool but quite pleasant and I didn't really take many pictures - too busy visiting with family. Another great weekend of tradition and remembering our loved one.

sweetie-pie nieces

Cousin, little guy being goofy, Avg Woman Runner @ 34 weeks pregnant
I hope everyone has a lovely time the rest of summer & I hope to come back to the runner-blogger world this fall to be re-inspired to achieve new goals!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Big sweat, big rewards

This weekend I was fortunate to go with my close girlfriends to stay at a cabin on Lake Kachess, about 60 miles east of Seattle off I-90.

Saturday morning we debated about which route to hike and settled on Easton/Kachess Ridge, which was listed as 3 of 5 rating in difficulty with great views from the top of the ridge.  We set out for our 6-mile RT hike with snacks and energy from a good breakfast and ascended about 2,200 feet over 3 miles.

It was sunny and warm (not hot!) and the route was in the shade of the trees. Along the way, we spent some time following Silver Creek and crossing patches of snow. At one point, we startled a poor garter snake sunning herself. She was quite pretty & large (green & orangey red coloring over brown) compared to most garters I see. On the way back down, we ran into another, much smaller one.

I didn't catch a photo of the snake but did capture these fun fungi!

I struggled getting up the steep switchbacks, carrying this 6-month belly with diminished lung capacity and larger blood volume, but it felt good to work. I was a big sweaty mess when I got to the top but it felt so good to really work up that ridge.

Mt. Rainier

Looking down from Beacon Tower, great view from atop here!

There were a lot of wildflowers blooming as well but as soon as I began to take photos, my camera battery died! Grrrr! 

On the way down, I really appreciated how steep the climb had been and felt pretty proud of how well I had done*. My calves were thrashed from the route up and my quads were quivering from the trip down. 

A day later, and my legs are SO SORE! As I climb the stairs, wincing, here at home, it's great reminder of the hard but rewarding hike with my girlfriends. GOOD MEDICINE!

*GF with whom I went to cross fit regionals with last weekend was carrying the heaviest pack up the mountain and was climbing quickly & easily up ahead of us. She is so fantastically tough & strong from cross fit!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

But for this big belly,

I would love to try this! Just to see what these moves are like.

Maybe after I check a couple things off my running dream list, I will move some energy into trying cross-fit? 

Friday, I attended the first day of the Northwest Regional Crossfit Games with my crossfit-loving bff, the Cinnematographer. I told her I'd join her in this craziness "after Boston." Within 2-3 years?

Watching made me so curious to just see what I could do, if any, of these workouts. I'm bummed I only remembered to take photos when the guys were competing because it was the women who really had me enthralled (mind too occupied to remember to take a pic).

One thing I hadn't realized about crossfit is that the workouts really aren't modified for women. All equal. BADASS.

So with that, I'm newly inspired to pump some iron. I just have to avoid deep, wide squats & bending over. Otherwise, I should be able to do quite a bit with my 6-month belly.

Hoping to report back on weekly success in just getting my butt into that gym (last week: 1 last run, 1 circuit strength workout, and 1 elliptical workout: light but better than previous 2 weeks).

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Statistically improbable?


Anyone know what the odds were? I was looking for motivation to stay fit for running with non-running exercise for my last trimester, but this isn't quite what I had in mind!

I was counting on this being my third rejection so I would have an automatic "in" for 2014 (I was grandfathered in on this policy back in 2011).

With all the Hurricane Sandy entrants having priority this year, I figured there was NO WAY I WOULD GET IN!

The NYC Marathon is on November 3rd. That's a mere 9 weeks after I'm expected to have a baby via c-section. 9 weeks to recover from surgery and train.

The excitement about getting in on a lottery is thrilling me and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. However, I plan to defer to 2014.

It will cost $$$, but for what is likely a once-in-a-lifetime race I will make it work.

Plus, I know many others who also are grandfathered in to the 4-year guaranteed entry that will be running in 2014. And, my local training partner, SL, magically got in this year (her second lucky lottery entry) but is strongly considering deferring to 2014.

2014 will be the big party on the course year!

B & Elizabeth, is it too early to plan travel for 2014?

I'm so excited to run with you ladies in the BIG APPLE!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Reassessment, pep talk, kick in the rear - whatever

For I while, I made a conscious effort to NOT blog about being pregnant but as you've noticed I've given that up. I can't "ignore" it anymore as it most certainly affects my running.

My activity levels have dropped significantly since the Eugene Half Marathon and I'm having a hard time, on many fronts. 

In fact, I (and doc) think the sudden decrease (in combination with fetal development phase I just went through + other work/life stress) messed with my already volatile hormone levels because I've struggled this month, emotionally/mentally, in a way that I never have. I went to a very dark place that I don't want to go back to. I fell slowly then hit hard, and now am climbing back out. I fear that door opening again and particularly fear for what may happen post-partum. 

I didn't have any of these issues with my first pregnancy so don't have the tools in place to handle these things. I'm working on it so I can be ready if/when it happens again. Such a strange feeling. Why does no one ever talk about this stuff happening DURING pregnancy, only AFTER pregnancy? 

Anyway, with all that crap and some lower back and allergy/cold issues, it's been tough trying to pick up the activity levels again in an effort to buoy my mental & emotional game. Let me tell you, this is tougher than any other training I've done to date. I'm really struggling to find the energy and time to exercise outside of my commute, even though I know it is CRITICAL.  

This makes me nervous. 
  • I don't want to go back to the dark place. 
  • I also don't want to lose the fitness I've maintained so well into this pregnancy. 
  • I want to go into my delivery as physically and mentally strong as possible; exercise is critical.
  • If I stop exercising this early in pregnancy, it will be much more difficult to regain fitness after delivery. 
  • Running, and only running, gives me significant emotional and mental peace and strength. 
  • Other forms of exercise will help me arrive at delivery strong but don't quite soothe the savage beast within. 
  • Running is becoming increasingly challenging, physically, for my lower back and feet/ankles. 
  • I fear that if I continue to run much longer, I will cause injury that I will need to rehab post-pregnancy (over-extending already loose ligaments).
  • I need to find a way to get the same mental benefits from non-running exercise.  
I need to temporarily let go of running without letting my activity level continue to drop.

Time to channel Amy Cuddy and FAKE IT UNTIL I MAKE IT; pretend other exercise is as fulfilling as running.  

It's so strange to STOP when, unlike with an injury, I know I CAN run but just think it's not the best choice for my back/ligaments right now. I need to stop soon so I can run injury free in the future...

I need to force myself to hit that pool, free weight section, and elliptical as if it were a refreshing run on a perfectly cool, drizzly day that washes away all the stress. 

Any tips? Should I ask my husband to hide all my running shoes? 
How do you motivate yourself to exercise in a gym while we are having a lovely spring and summer is coming? 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Quick tip on run-commuting

Tie a piece of string on your finger to help you remember to check your pack twice before leaving the house: 

Remember that no matter how great your run to work was and how cool it felt to wear your Altra Zero-drop shoes for nearly 3 miles...

the elation will rapidly disappear if you arrive at the gym, shower, and dig your work clothes out of your backpack only to find...

you forgot...

CLEAN underwear and a bra. 

Learn from the distracted & forgetful Average Woman Runner. 

Is there anything worse post-shower than having to put on sweaty wet underwear and/or sports bra? 


Lucky for me, I caught my husband before he left the house. I was ok to just go cowboy & wear the nasty sweaty bra just long enough to run outside of the gym to meet my husband who had kindly picked up some clean, dry undergarments for me, tagging on an extra 30 minutes to his commute.

Thank you, sweetie, for saving my bacon today. 

I will continue to run commute another day but will NOT forgot to check my pack twice before leaving the house! 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The run commute (en fotos)

After having to pedal downhill against yesterday's mighty gusts of wind, I decided I would run commute to work today and then take the light rail home. Safer. Less effort. A few blocks in, it occurred to me to photo document the run, as I'm never sure how much longer I will continue to run (@ gestation week 24 today).

We begin by heading north toward downtown Seattle...

This is my 'hood, but not my bumper

Love this creepy hospital (also former HQ)
Then, cross over toward town via the Jose Rizal Bridge...

Downtown from Jose Rizal Bridge (creepy hospital building is behind me), Elliot Bay in distance
This was taken about mid-point along the bridge. NOT a good thing for a hormonal pregnant lady thinking about future sleepless nights to see.

The bridge leads us into Little Saigon and from there we head west toward the International District...

Chinese Baptist Church

I love biking/running by here in the early mornings. Next door to the capoeira academy, the Tsue Chong Company makes FORTUNE COOKIES which makes the air smell DELICIOUS. It reminds me of my high school job of making waffle cones at Haagen Dazs. That may have been the best job ever.

Just a park
Looking to buy the best dumplings in Seattle to take home? Look no further than Ping's Dumpling House! Stock up & fill yer freezer! I also like those scallion pancake things. What are they called?

Welcome gates to the ID, but watch out for the guards...

Funny thing, I've lived here forever but not sure I've ever been inside Union Station. What the heck is in here? Can anyone tell me? I should find out next time I'm running by.
King St. Station is where you go to catch the train. THIS place I've been to. The Amtrak ride to Portland is quite lovely.
This little view downtown few people probably see. This is where the trains come/go to King St.Station from the north. If you've been to one of our Mariner baseball games, you are familiar with our trains that run past the stadium and upset the visiting teams (see Safeco Field in dist)!

One of several "wedge" shaped buildings in town
Heading north from the ID and King St. Station you get into the downtown core with a long, slow, steady climb. You will probably pass a few coffee shops along the way and think about stopping. But you won't, because you are not done climbing yet.

New construction = my 28th floor office views will soon change. At least they post nice art on the walls around the jobs site. This installment features agricultural  & pea patch scenes.
The end of my 2.8 mile journey was the Y's locker room. With all the photo taking, I'd missed out on any time to strength train, ah well...
Kitty-corner from the Y is our famous public library

Here is a better shot of the library, taken from the front steps of the Y.
If you made it this far, you get a lovely photo of my feet. Yesterday someone asked me why I tape my feet. I had to explain that because of all the relaxin coursing through my blood causing my ligaments to loosen, I needed the tape to hold my feet together to prevent injury. The person's response: "Wow! How long have you been on this relaxin stuff?"

I couldn't help but laugh. I forgot that not everyone is tuned into pregnancy hormones. Of course, there is absolutely no reason to know about that junk if you're not pregnant. So, I had to explain that I'd been "on it" for a few months now and that I would continue for another few months or so until my pregnancy is complete but that the relaxin was a totally endogenous compound. Not a drug I was taking! 

Embellishments compliments of RockTape
After getting cleaned up, it was off to work to make the doughnuts or bring home the bacon...or whatever. I was happy to start my day with a nice little run to work!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Randoms from & since Eugene: voodoo, swoob, wild game cake and more

I've been wanting to check out a Voo Doo Doughnuts for a long time. The burly construction guy behind me recommended the cock & balls. "It really is the best one, but it's a big committment. Better if you have 2 people to eat it, it's so big." Yes, it has a white creamy filling. I asked him what his #2 favorite was: Old Dirty Bastard. So, I ordered the ODB and was quite pleased.

ODB is toward the back with the oreo cookie topping.
T-shirt gifted to me by my co-worker & her beau who flew in from Denver.
Hallowed ground 

First time I've ever seen a hunting-themed cake. This was actually ice cream cake from DQ. Pretty awesome. 
Eugene accomplishment: I seem to have mastered the SWOOB. 
Pre-race with Jess & SL who rocked their marathons

  • Since Eugene, I've been taking it easy. I have taken a couple summery 3-mile runs that felt fine DURING but I'm really starting to feel the effects on my feet (sore post-run) and lower back. Double-drat. Actually, I think I've been complaining about this for a month now and yet I keep running because of the "feel good during" part and the fact that it's been in the 70's-80's here.
  • Biking to/from work has been fun & refreshing and is also the most efficient means of getting between points but the uphill climb home is really getting tough. How much longer will I be able to pull that hill off? Another drawback is that this "May Bike to Work Month" thing means our bike cage at work is packed all the time & I end up having to park at a rack outside the secure cage. Do you think these new bikers will give up in another week? I know that sounds shitty but it is a bit of an inconvenience. Maybe I should arrive earlier. 
  • This week I even made it into the gym to lift & hope to do that one more time before the week's end then repeat next week.
  • Everyone says swimming is the best activity while pregnant. I do like to swim but for some reason I'm having motivation problems with the pool. Maybe because it's too nice outside to be indoors? Maybe because I'm scared to put on a swimsuit? Yes.
  • As I figure out my post-half marathon, increasing belly size & weight exercise routine, I do want to pick a couple more fun runs to work into my schedule. It seems there are several every weekend between now & September. 
  • Sadly, it's not likely I will be able to fit a race in during a June business trip to Arizona. It will be my third trip down in the last couple years and I have yet to check that state off my list! BUT, I might be able to squeeze a race in (with some luck & schedule manipulating) when I travel to Montana in July. Crossing my fingers on that one so that 2013 isn't a complete 0 for new states raced. 
That's all the randoms I have for now. Happy hump day!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

That time I tried to keep up with a race walker

For reals.

Within the first mile of the Eugene Half Marathon, I found myself passing a race walker. He was drawing many comments from the spectators, "Look at that guy! He's walking - FAST!" "Whoa! Did you see that fast walker? Crazy!"

At this time, I was keeping pace with training partner SL and JustTryingKim. I thought I could keep up, after all my last long run 2 weeks ago went great. And then I realized, things had changed a lot in the short time since then. I dropped back and ended up holding a steady pace that let me breathe comfortably, especially given the warmer temps.
Me & training partner SL who rocked the full course
In addition to keeping pace with the race walker, I was keeping pace with a long-haired barefoot guy who elicited a lot of cheers from the crowds, "Barefoot! WOW!" "Man, you are a badass!" "No shoes guy!"

But let me tell you, a 22-week pregnant lady makes the crowds a bit quiet. "Go race walker! Go barefoot! Go --." silence. Do I make people uncomfortable? Sick? Confused?

Running Eugene was great. It's a scenic, PR-inspiring course that certainly makes you contemplate all the great runners who have cruised the quiet streets and paths of Eugene. There will be many other reports about the course and race organization itself. I loved it but spent much of the time in my own head. I was doing fine though definitely concentrating more than normal on my body up through mile 9.

At that point, the little dude started doing some strange stuff on my right side. I stopped to walk and catch my breath. I ran again. Still feeling strange. Ok, adjust the brace. Ok good, running again. Feet hurt, time to walk. I think I'm good, let's start up again. And so it went between miles 9 through 11. Also during this time, I started playing mind games with myself.

Should I really be running this?
Of course, you trained smart and you're resting when you need to.
Maybe little man is telling me he's not happy with all this?
You just talked to the doc about the race this week, all is fine. 
Maybe he likes this? 
Am I hurting him?
Ok, there is no logical reason why what I'm doing is bad. I'm following all the rules. I'm just psyching myself out.
Am I putting my own ambitions above what is best for baby? 
Not according to recent research, my training, and doctor.
I should just stop.
Maybe I need some fuel? I'll try some of this Gatorade. Ew. No, that was nasty. That's why I don't drink that stuff. Maybe it's the Gatorade that is making him kick like this? All those trashy chemicals in it! 
Silly, that was such a small amount of Gatorade and no, it's NOT toxic. Where did your toxicologist brain go? 
You can do this. Just relax. It's going to be ok. 

And so, back & forth I went in my head as I alternated between walking and jogging.

Finally at mile 11 the kicking in my right side subsided and I resolved to focus on the positive. I needed to appreciate every step of this 13.1 miles because I have no idea when I'll be able to run like this again. Even after I recover physically from child birth, finding the time and energy to start running again will not be easy. Once I start building up my running again, it may still be longer before I can log double-digit runs.

When I heard the Duck band playing as I passed through the Hayward Field gates, I knew I had made it. I was elated. I hurt. I was in disbelief. I had never struggled more. I had never questioned myself more.

As I crossed that finish line, I cried. I don't know if I've ever cried when finishing a race. I was relieved. I was proud. But mostly relieved that I had survived the whole thing.

After receiving my hardest earned medal ever, I spotted Kim and L. We made our way through the finish area, me in a daze and trying not to just blubber all over the place.

For the next couple hours, we watched our friends finish the full marathon. It was a great day for everyone, including a 2-minute PR by Jess and SL finished this 9th marathon with her third best time. I was SO VERY HAPPY to see SL finish strong, after going through those training runs (mostly) together.

Today I am tired. That run took a lot out of me and I'm happy to take a break. For now, a few race-day photos. More Eugene-related fun to come later this week...

Snap shot of Hayward Field mid-run
Co-worker & friend who flew out from Denver to run with me (full marathon)
Co-worker friend & her friend who both rocked their marathons around the 3:30 mark.

Post-race bliss. I love the contrast between our bellies in this pic!
Pre-race, BLOGGY ladies & friends: Giraffy, L, me, Kim, SL, Becca, Jess

Sunday, April 28, 2013

13.1 done

Me and the little 22-week-old incubating inside me ran long today. It wasn't easy but we finished. Actually, to say it wasn't easy is a gross understatement. But it was also great. More to come later.

In the meantime, great weekend with all these strong ladies...

Me, Giraffy, L, Kim, SL, Becca, Jess

Friday, April 26, 2013

Hoping the 3rd time is NOT the charm

It's NYC Marathon lottery time!

I'm banking on all those who deferred their 2012 entry due to Hurricane Sandy and legit qualifiers to fill up most all the spots for 2013. If I can get just one more denial, my third, then I will be an automatic "in" for 2014!

It would be great to time-qualify (1:37 half, 3:25 full) in 2014 as well, but in the words of Billy Crystal, "It'll be a miracle!"

Think: 2014, 2014, 2014...

Please, NOT 2013, 2 months post-baby!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Half marathon (pregnancy) training plan recap

This is it. The final countdown. Not to my first marathon (re)attempt, but to a half marathon instead. This is not my first running rodeo, but this is the first time I've completed an entire training program PREGNANT.

I started out (not knowing I was pregnant for first 2 weeks of program) using the Another Mother Runner "finish it" marathon plan. I followed this plan as prescribed up thru week 6, or gestation week 9. Up until this time, I was conflicted about what to do with my pregnancy and training. On the one hand, I felt great and thought I would be fine continuing with my full marathon training. On the other hand, I didn't want to jeopardize my health or that of the fetus.

A thoughtful email from Kia (Determined to be Fit) and a couple supportive, but questioning, emails from Tall Mom Mel helped me sort out my thoughts and feelings which were then further affirmed after reading a book, Exercising Through Your Pregnancy by James Clapp, that Kia recommended. And, fortunately, my doctor supported my decision.

Decision: Switch to the half marathon "finish it" program, eliminate high intensity efforts keeping my relative perceived effort at a moderate level, maintain miles, be extra vigilant about fueling & hydration, and most importantly, listen to my body during and after my runs. Try to keep expectations low regarding performance and likelihood of running the entire half marathon, accepting that I might need to walk-jog or walk my "race" if running just wasn't feeling good.

I surprisingly found that my long runs felt great, they were at a slower pace anyway, but I did get more fatigued by the effort and needed a more relaxed recovery period post long run.

I have held my breath at the beginning of each week wondering what my body would deliver, knowing that any run could be that one that told me to chill way out or even stop. It hasn't happened yet!

At gestation week 17, I started using the Gabrialla medium support belt. This helped me with my lower back weakness, which was a problem for me pre-pregnancy as well. As I grow, I'm sure I'll appreciate the belly support as well. After the Eugene Half, I'm going to give my lower back a break and just stick to shorter runs that are well under 60 minutes. I don't want to risk fatiguing my lower back to the point where I am immobilized. Instead, I'll run short & easy and work on doing some planks and other strength work.

So how did I do on this training round? I narrowed the running down to 3 days/week with the goal of supplementing with at least 2 days of cross-training (mostly biking) per week. I don't have the same nifty chart showing how well I did on the cross-training, though I can tell you I was not as consistent as I was with my running:

Somehow during the copy/paste, my columns got shifted so days/dates are off but the numbers in the end are all fine.  A few low weeks in there due to travel and being busy but overall pretty good given the first trimester SUCKS for energy and the second one is where you actually starting feeling like you are carrying some extra weight.
I'm proud of this even though I feel like it was a fluke. My last pregnancy - - I didn't run at all. It hurt to walk after about 6 months. Every person is so different, and clearly different pregnancies for the same person, can vary quite a bit. I think it's critical to remember that you can't compare yourself to others or your previous pregnancies in this situation, you have to just listen to your body and take it one day at a time. 

That's it folks: My pregnancy training in a nutshell. I didn't know if I could make it this far but I'm so freaking excited that I have. As long as this week goes well, I will be at that starting line on Sunday and will be able to run the whole (half) race! 

As for the full marathon that keeps eluding me...I'm hoping I can recover in time to run my first one in late fall 2014. More on that another day.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


From the Eugene Marathon website...

Honoring Boston

The outpouring of support for Boston from the running community has been incredible.  If you haven't already, check out our Facebook page and see for yourself (you don't have to be a Facebook user).  Don't miss Twittertoo.  We are proud to be a part of this strong community and plan to honor the victims, runners and the city of Boston during Eugene Marathon weekend. Here are few things you can be a part of:
  • Black Ribbons will be provided to all participants at packet pick-up.
  • Follow #Eugene4Boston and #EugeneMarathon. Join in and use those tags for your posts, tweets and photos. 
  • Sign our huge #Eugene4Boston banner at the expo.  We will send it to BAA after the race.  We've reached out to marathons after ours to do the same. 
  • A moment of silence on race day with 2013 Boston elites Craig Leon (3rd American) and Stephanie Rothstein-Bruce (3rd American).  
  • We encourage all runners to place #Handsoverhearts as the cross the finish line.

I'm really looking forward to be part of these activities to honor the running community and especially those in Boston. 

I know a lot of runs are planned for today, in honor of Boston victims. Doesn't it seem like it's been more than one week? Are you planning on joining any local tribute runs? 


And from this past weekend's 40th birthday party on the trails...

I lagged behind to catch my breath take a picture
Three gorgeous laps on a 2-mile loop followed by a luscious family style pub lunch of oyster shooters, steamed clams, spinach salad, and grilled cod sandwich w/ a cilantro aioli sauce. Oh yeah, and carrot cake! Nom nom! 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

You know you're a #runnerd when...

your bestie from college (with whom you ran all the days with) emails you about celebrating her 40th birthday by...

(and then eating bad-for-you food at the pub)

So this weekend my friend MB & I will catch a ferry to Bainbridge Island where we will meet up with another college runner friend who is celebrating her 40th, so we three can hit the trails & get muddy. Post-run we'll get cleaned up then satisfy the runger. ("I'll have a virgin vodka & soda with lime please.")

MB has appeared here twice: First in my post-pregnancy re-bound race, the North Olympic Discovery Half Marathon walk (along with Kerrie of Mom vs Marathon), and then again more recently we ran a 5k in Tacoma with Santa & Co (why didn't I do a recap? Ok, so only once). Our other runner friend has run Boston and is a published writer so I'm looking forward to asking her if she has expressed her thoughts on the Boston Marathon attack in her local paper or elsewhere. So eloquent she is.

I haven't gone trail running in eons so I'm really excited to get out there, though I'm hoping I don't slow the ladies down too much with my baby belly-induced slog.

Next week I will continue with my too taperish taper (I've totally slacked off due to busy schedule, getting my runs in but cross-training & strength work are failing) and will begin my impatient preparations for EUGENE HALF. Detailed plans coming later.

At 20 weeks pregnant, I'm so grateful that I am still running (and riding my bike to work! - even if infrequent). I really wasn't sure if I would make it this far but it seems to be working out for the most part. However, I decided after this past weekend's long run that Eugene would be my last run over 60 minutes. I feel great while running but after, my lower back is weak and squirrelly and I can tell I'm on the verge of having something down there slip. Not fun.

Post 9+ mile run at 19wks5days. Drained my 1-L water bladder - wasn't expecting it to be so warm! 
After Eugene, I look forward to doing sub-60 minute runs as long as my body allows. My run-commuting has worked out great twice so far, so I think I'll incorporate that into my routine on days that I'm not schlepping the lappy.

Aside from trail running this weekend with my #runnerd girlfriends, I have a very light running week ahead. Just 2 runs pre-half marathon: 3-mi and 2-mi easy. My work week is full of meetings over lunchtime so cardio-strength classes will be out yet again. Lame but 'tis the life of a grown-up.

Have a lovely weekend & good luck to everyone who is racing (KIM & Becca)!