Thursday, May 31, 2012

Double header weekend on the books

Ok, so I'm taking a BIG leap of faith that I will be running by early July. (How did I get here? July? I still can't believe I haven't trained since March 19th).

WHY is this a leap of faith you ask?

Well, because THIS trouble maker twisted my arm into committing to a double header in October! Actually, there wasn't much convincing needed. I have plenty of frequent flier points and I have been needing something to look forward to / something to give me hope, so I took the plunge. LJ, a frequent partner-in-crime of Kim's, also will be a part of this crazy weekend and I look forward to meeting her.
  • First, I picked up a good deal (points) on a round trip ticket between Seattle and Philadelphia, leaving on a Friday morning and returning on a Sunday evening. 
  • Second, I booked a car for Kim, LJ, and I to cruise around in. 
  • Third, I ordered a SkirtSports skirt (on sale of course) along with Kim & LJ so we can be matchy for one of the races.
  • Fourth, I registered for a Saturday half marathon in Delaware (Run for the Buds, Rockford Park) and a Sunday half marathon in New Jersey (Seaside Half Marathon, Seaside Heights).
Next up, we need to:
  • Book hotel rooms in Philly and NJ.
  • Come up with a short list of "must eats" in Philly (~ 30 minutes from DE race location) for Friday night and Saturday, post-race, as well as one decent eatery for Saturday night in NJ. 
  • Get recommendations for the top 3 things we must see in Philly since we will have some time post-race before we need to drive from Philly to the Jersey Shore (look out Snookie, I'm bringing my biggest bump-it!). 
Oh, and one more MINOR DETAIL...

I need to resolve this plantar fasciitis thing so I can train for this crazy DOUBLE HEADER WEEKEND with the girls!

Anyone else want to meet us in DE or NJ?
Anyone have recommendations for eats or to-do's in Philly?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Muscle "poop," or gracias a Title IX

Page 98. 
A new, old term?

See "poop" image on left for herniated calf. Ouch!
My favorite friend bought this book for me at a garage sale last weekend, purchased from a former HS track coach:

Published in 1972, "a must for every Athletic Department!" 
There isn't anything about plantar fasciitis, as far as I can tell. But it does have a lot of other good taping info...particularly for men. All models are male; there is no female-specific injury addressed that I've found but certainly covers all other bases. For example: 

Groin Pull
 I wonder how long after the passage of Title IX before a book was released with female-specific taping illustrations? I take for granted my opportunities to engage in sports - my whole life. This is an interesting, and informative, example of the state of sports around the time I was born. 

Thank you foremothers! 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lawless experimentation & a run attempt

It's been two months since I've run but it seems like two years already. Especially since this is prime racing season! Today was my second ever DNS - Capital City Half Marathon (Olympia, WA). Bah.

I've been trying a variety of things to shake this plantar fasciitis. I've been pouring over online info and attending PT 1-2x weekly. My progress is stagnant. When I was first injured, I dutifully wore my runners with my old orthodics that I ditched back in July 2010 when I began adopting the new mid/fore-foot strike and lower profile shoe. No progress.

This is where I decided to go rogue. Against my doc's recommendation, I went orthodic- and support shoe- free.

Enter Beavis & Butthead, Breakin' the law, breakin' the law!
  • I literally got rid of all my shoes that are not flat (except for the heels I wear to weddings a couple times a year) and bought a pile of new shoes that are as close to zero-drop as possible (more on that another time).
  • I went "barefoot" for several weeks in my new Ahnu, Merrel, Altra, and Brooks shoes. 
  • My PT scowled at me each time he saw me walk in with shoes that didn't lend any arch support or anti-pronation support.  
  • I keep seeing the same PT because I really do like his therapy for the "effect," I'm just left to my own devices for the "cause."
  • No progress. PF no worse, no better.
  • I'm not ready to let go of the barefoot philosophy so I decided to try a new experiment: continue walking/day-to-day activities in the zero-drop/barefoot shoes but perform exercise in my zero-drop + orthodics. 
  • In the meantime, I'm looking at my diet more and learning about reducing "inflammatory" foods, planning changes that may help reduce inflammation and a general blah feeling.
Dread. I was so proud to ditch those orthodics and it didn't/doesn't seem right to use them again but I do think I can temporarily use the support, until this inflammation subsides. In the last couple weeks, I haven't done much exercise anyway, so really I'm still doing a lot just plain barefoot.

Oh, and I've been taping EVERY. DAY. Shoulda bought stock in KT Tape.

So here I sit, getting caught up on the 750+ emails in my work inbox (on vacation last week), rolling a frozen water bottle under my foot, scrunching a towel with my toes, and contemplating a last ditch resort: CORTISONE shot. Tricia (Endurance Isn't Only Physical) did this last year and hasn't had any issues since. I'm not sure my doc will do this so I might have to try someone new. I'll ask tomorrow at my appointment. Any thoughts on this?

Also, as I sit here icing, I wonder if I'll regret the little bit of a run I did today. OH YES, I DID. I really needed it. We lost a friend this weekend to a car accident and I just needed to get outside and lose myself for a while. It was good medicine but would have been even better if I could have pushed myself to exhaustion, where I could sweat out the tears. *sigh*

I went for a <3 mi walk-jog. In total, I did 9 minutes of running in increments of a few minutes. After the first running stint, my feet were screaming at me in the orthodics so I ditched those for the rest of the walk-jog. This felt MUCH better.

Ok, so back to the totally zero-drop/barefoot experiment. Tomorrow, I get up the courage to ask about a shot?