Thursday, November 1, 2012

Training update - Half cram

This fall was supposed to be about training for a 10k, following the Another Mother Runner "finish it" plan. I suppose I did "ok" until October hit then it all got loosey-goosey. Life happens and I've had a hard time fighting back.

Even if I have a "C" in complying with training plans lately, I'm going to throw out another one. I've gotta have SOMETHING to give me guidance after all!

But first, I have to say that although I didn't follow my plan as well as hoped, I'm still happy that I'm progressing. In the last two months, I've logged between 40 to 50 miles (yes, I know this is weekly mileage for many of you). In October, I hit 60 miles. I think that's an ok progression and am hoping I can hit 60 again in November. Then, 70-ish miles for December.

This is the goal for the next several weeks:
  1. Cram for a half marathon in 3 weeks, and
  2. Bust out a 5k that kills my 2011 finish time. 
This past week, I was sore from Saturday's 10k. I've been at an awesome conference this week (International Society for Exposure Science), which has been thrilling but exhausting. I managed NO cross-training but did squeak out two runs: 5 miles on Tuesday (10 min warm-up/cool-down w/ 8x2min hard w/ 1 min rest interval) and 3 miles today (easy, with 1 big hill). Saturday, I'm hoping to get 12 miles in with lovely Megan who is training for CIM.

Pretty sure the Monday runs will be converted to cross-training as I don't do well running consecutive days.
You see those TWO YELLOW-HIGHLIGHTED boxes? Those are fun runs coming up before the end of the year. The Seattle Half Marathon is a nice course except for miles 9-11 and 13 being hills. Bah. And the fact that the weather can be 34 degrees and raining. Yuck. Fortunately, I (along with a ton of other runner friends) scored a $30 Zozi entry. So, if it turns out to be 34 degrees and rainy, I will just pass & sleep in. If it's decent, this will be my FIFTH Seattle Half Marathon (1991, 1996, 1999, 2007).

The Santa Runs 5k will be the 3rd running of this awesome event with the bloggy girls. I don't think I'm dressing up matchy this year but will definitely pull out my red sparkles and holiday cheer.

What's the blue? Those are the days when I'll be in rural mid-Michigan during hunting season. Will I get out to run, during midday when it's not likely a high bullet-flying time? Maybe. I'm scared. Even decked out in safety orange I'm scared.

Plus, being a city girl I'm always scared of running around in-laws' country abode (i.e., running "around the section") regardless of the season.

It's isolated in the country.

There are big farm dogs and no one to call them in.

And big trucks with wide mirrors.

No one would hear me scream if I felt the need to scream.

And it smells like shit. Literally. Some people say it smells like money. I think it smells like shit and impending surface water & groundwater contamination. 

Oh yeah, and Michigan is COLD in November.

So before then, I have to CRAM for that half coming up in just a few weeks! Wish me luck and good weather!


  1. Ha - you are wrong about the country! It's more scenic, nice and peaceful, less traffic, the trails are softer on your heels and by the way the city smells worse! (I am a small town girl).

    I'm impressed with yur plan - I've never followed a written training plan. I usually plan my long runs and then make the rest up as I go along. I need to get more organised...

    1. The country is definitely scenic but I do get scared and then feel silly for being scared. Plus, the city does indeed stink and the air here is filled with cancer-causing compounds. The country is just smelly in a different way. Maybe you don't have massive dairy farms near you? They have 1,000's of cows together here = lots of stinky poo that is not so good for water resources. I am just not familiar with the area and the fact that it's hunting season (opening week), is quite nerve-racking. There will be a LOT of hunters out.

  2. Haaa, I would feel the same way about running in the country - I'd rather run in the city. Especially during hunting season.

  3. Stay away from pit bulls! I'm hoping for the rest of November to be nice and dry and 50 degrees. A girl can hope, right?

  4. you will do great in the 1/2! you do not make michigan sound fun :) but, feel free to send me some meat!

  5. I love love running in the country but must say during hunting season is my least favorite. I worry a bit about the some of the people who carry guns.

  6. Don't worry too much about the country!Good luck in Michigan!

  7. I totally hear you on running in rural areas! I always drive 20 minutes to the next city. I feel so much safer!!

  8. You are funny. My goal for Santa Runs will be to keep up with you :) BReakfast and a drink after this year??