Sunday, October 7, 2012

Week 6 10k training: I'm running a half in 6 days?

Last week was not all that I hoped it would be. After training Week 5 was a flop due to back issues, I was eager to really jump on it this week. Well, I had lingering back flop and was fighting a bug. The fall bug that goes around even though it's still SUMMER here?

[Sidebar: Everyone should be envious of Seattle right now. It's is freaking amazing: cool nights/mornings + nearly 70-degree days + fall colors. PERFECT.]

Week 6 Re-cap:

  • Biking: 3 commute days 
  • Yoga: 1 session (restorative: not strenuous but relaxing)
  • Strength: None. Bad.
  • Swim: Nope. I'm ok with this but I do need to add this once the weather turns. 
  • Running: 3 mi easy and 7 mi easy with the WeROKC girls (Women Runners of King County), including Ricole, Kerrie, Lindsay, Karla. LOVELY fall morning run (super cold at first) on the Soos Creek Trail

I really wish I had taken photos of the Soos Creek Trail run. It runs through woodsy and pastoral settings, and even has a few little hills to keep it interesting. Although it's a good 25 minute drive from my house, I definitely want to return here for more mileage in the future.

In other Week 6 news, I sold my old commuter bike via Craig's List but then it was returned to me because the purchaser turned out to be too short to fit the bike. I wouldn't want someone to regret their purchase. So, I took the bike back and am hoping someone else will be happy to have it.

What is on deck for Week 7 training you ask?

  • Strength: 1 or 2 sessions.
  • Bike: 4 trips.
  • Yoga: 1 session.
  • Run: 1x easy 3 mi, 1x easy 5 mile, HALF MARATHON RACE + 5k! 

Well, it's quite possible that the double-header weekend is FINALLY coming! Waaaay back in May, when I was feeling sorry for myself about sadness #1, I booked a trip with crazy KIM and LJ to run a half marathon on Saturday (in Delaware) and Sunday (in New Jersey). I used frequent flier points for my ticket to Philly and it was done.

Back in May, I thought I'd surely be running by June or July at the latest and be in fine shape to run back-to-back half marathons.

Ha! Foolish girl!

Although it's not the smartest idea, I think I will actually be fine running a VERY SLOW half marathon on Saturday. However, running another half on Sunday would NOT be a good idea.

Knowing me how I know me, I could foresee myself getting all excited at the prospect of running the second half against all better judgement. Fortunately, I made a plan to thwart myself:

My VERY BESTIE from college (AMN), who lives in Brooklyn, is going to drive down to meet us in NJ. She had been training for a half on Staten Island but it sold out before she could register and was needing a half to run. SO, she is going to run the half instead of me. I will then register on race day for the 5k. 

Everyone is under strict orders to make sure I don't run the half. It's in my best interest if I want to run another day, or especially, run my 10k just two weeks later.

Because this is a Kim & LJ weekend, we will be matchy-matchy on Saturday's half (uniform post coming later this week). Sunday, Kim & LJ will be matchy-matchy but I'm going to go rouge. Sunday will certainly be a treat though with AMN running and the world-famous T (Racing with Babes) joining us as well.


  1. I don't know if I could ever do back to back halfs on the same weekend - sounds tough! Good idea to switch to the 5K. Have a great time and good luck in the half especially - sounds like it should be a great weekend!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend coming up. Enjoy the half and the 5k! Hopefully you can do back to back half marathons soon.

  3. You have a great weekend ahead of you!! Good luck and ENJOY!!

  4. i miss you! and seattle’s awesomeness and all the fun runners that you have to run with. you are a very nice craiglists person. and i’m jealous of this weekend. i will be in oxford, ms watching football. happy birthday to me. :) smart of you to give away the 1/2 race and just do the 5k. give everyone a big hug and a HI YALL from me!

  5. I also have back issues and have been sick with the fall bug recently and it does throw a wrench in your training plans. Hope you are able to bounce back!

  6. Back to back halves. Wow!

  7. OKay I think I read it wrong. But back to back races.......impressive.

  8. Yeah! Our weekend is finally here...FI nally. Can't wait. I wonder what slow is for you on Saturday? I'm so delighted to be there to find out.

  9. That was sweet of you to take the bike back!! It is hard for short people to find bikes that fit. :) I just bought a new road bike off Craigslist tonight!! I'm going to start collecting bikes like some people collect teacups, haha. Ill blog about it soon, as I think this is the beginning of a great love affair :) I need to get a couple good pics of my new baby first!

  10. aww, i'm sorry to hear u're having back issues, but good job for being smart and adjusting training. wat counts is being healthy on race day...good luck!! i'm up visiting seattle and it was CRAZY sunny this weekend...but it's looking like that was the last of it. ;)

  11. I sorry to hear that you had back issues and those fall bugs have been disturbing you. But at least you are prepared for the race.