Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Done with being a 'bike commuter'

As of this week, I am done. I just don't feel like a "commuter" anymore.

Don't worry, I'm still going to ride my bike to work. There is just something about my new ride that makes me feel like less of a "commuter" and more like...a cruiser, just chillaxin' my way down the hill to work, you know, because it just feels good.

My commute is a joy ride now. For reals. I already enjoyed my commute but it's happier now. I smile and I don't care if I get bugs in my teeth. My beloved bike (that my cool friend designed, yes, he did) finally arrived and I rode it for the first time on Sunday. I panicked.

"Oh no. I hate this thing. What have I done?

It felt so foreign sitting up straight & tall instead of being bent forward over a mountain bike, all sporty like. Then, after cruising around the neighborhood for a bit, stopping at the grocery store, and pulling up to a red light, it just clicked:

  • I LIKE sitting up tall instead of hunched over all bent up. 
  • This doesn't hurt my lower back!  
  • I actually have the ability to move my entire upper body from side to side and take in my surroundings.
  • I can see over cars, oh the visibility is fantastic!
  • I can lay waaaay back. 
  • I feel like a movie star!
  • Even better, I feel like THIS lovely movie star...
Or maybe I feel like Kermit? #RideHappy
Something about changing my posture and being on such a hip bike has given me a complete attitude adjustment. And I like it!

It's almost perfect - I need to order a toddler seat for the back so I can drop the little man off at school on the way in to work, cruise to the park, etc. SO. AWESOME. And the bags, they can hold a lot of wine, beer, cheese, and chocolate (as well as my lap top and all that boring stuff).

This is MY kind of mom-mobile!

Still Life of a Bike, tribute to AJH/Age Groups Rock
BTW, Anyone in the Seattle area want to buy or do a trade for a used commuter hybrid bike (includes panniers)? I think I don't need my old bike anymore!  


  1. Congrats on your new bike! I want so badly to ride into work, but it's a bit too time consuming for my schedule. I am working on speed and downtown street confidence.

    I'm interested in the bike and am in Bellevue and work downtown, email me!

  2. Ha! Julie is such a big bike rider now, I hope your bike is one she could use. So glad you guys met briefly at the chocolate store when we were eating our way around town. Yep, that's me, getting Seattle area cyclists together, a regular bicycle match maker.

  3. How fun!! I'm pretty sure I would get run over if I tried this in OC.

  4. Haha, I love that you love your hybrid bike more. My back hurts a lot on my road bike, I don't think we were meant to hump our backs that way ;). Good luck with the new bike search!

  5. So cool! Glad you love it! I feel more comfortable sitting up straight instead of hunching over too:) Makes it so much nicer.

  6. Love that you love your new bike and your commute. Awesome. And then I noticed the still life. Thanks for the tribute. I love still lives of bikes no doubt about it. It's all about where you pose it and yours is great.

  7. congrats no the new awesome bike! :) i'm more of a runner myself but have lots of friends who do tri's and cycle races and so i know how much of a HUGE difference the right kind of bike is and that it's adjusted to your body. so here's to you kicking some more butt now that you've got a perfect new set of wheels. :)

  8. When I read the title of this post, I thought "Oh no! Something happened and Alma's not riding anymore!"
    I'm glad to see that's not the case. :)
    That's a lovely new bicycle!