Sunday, September 23, 2012

Week 4 10k training - survived!

I am so MC Hammer right now! This gimp is 4 weeks into 10k training and I'm stoked to be moving into week 5.

What I accomplished this week:
  • 3 miles easy run x 2
  • 9+ mile long run (yes, not what the AMR 10k training plan called for but it felt so good!)
  • 5 min barefoot running
  • 1 session strength training
  • 1 yoga session
  • 2 bicycling sessions
Tuesday I was feeling so good after strength training that I decided to do 3 minutes of barefoot running on the treadmill. This used to be a regular thing for me as per PT's orders but since my plantar fasciitis flared up, I've not dared to do this.

Let me tell you, the 3 minutes felt so good I carried it out to 5 minutes. The result? My calves were SO SORE that I had to take the next day off from running (yoga only) and my second easy run of the week was extra easy (no speed surges, 1 mile shorter than planned distance). I've been using The Stick (amazing) and arnica to help soothe my legs and they are finally fine but a good reminder to me that I need to stick with the 2-3 minutes for a while and slowly build up.

I'm really dang excited that I was able to barefoot run after such a long hiatus and NOT have plantar fasciitis pain. I miss that free foot feeling and hope to get back to it.

Other Week 4 excitement included finding this re-purposed grain sack bicycle bag and awesome knee socks at the public library's gift shop:
Socks for a friend
My new "leave at work" purse to use when I bike in but need a purse to run around town with.
I self-identify more with the "NERD" label they had but I got these GEEK ones for my sister-in-law who wears her GEEK badge proudly.
And the most exciting part of Week 4 training? Going long with MEGAN (Daily Sweat)! Megan just kicked her PR's bootay last weekend in an Olympic distance triathlon but instead of resting on her laurels, she is continuing her marathon training (CIM).

We met at the scene of our last long run together: Madison Park (November 6, 2011). Instead of sticking to the Lake Washington route, we looped up through the Seattle Arboretum. Construction prevented us from finding the cute path that goes out through the wetlands & Foster Island but it was scenic nonetheless. From there, we headed north across the Montake Cut to the University of Washington (DAWGS!) and along the Burke Gilman Trail before heading back to start. 

I STRUGGLED to keep up. Megan STRUGGLED to slow down. She's in such great shape right now! It was intoxicating to be with her and sense that feeling you get when you're well conditioned. It reminded me of how I felt last year during marathon training and what I have to look forward to as I continue my training. 

It was so great getting to run with her again and I was sad to part ways after 9.5 miles but she needed to go a full 17 miles and frankly, I was running on fumes. I look forward to getting in better shape so I don't feel like I'm holding people back and can just float along as Megan was this misty fall morning.


  1. Yeah for 9 miles. Slow, fast or in the middle. They're still 9!

  2. love that your training is picking back up-and smart for realizing you may need to step back on the barefoot running. and so fun getting to run with megan! of course seattle’s library has a gift shop. seattle has everything. i wouldn’t dare step into our library (2 blocks from my house) because the homeless people hang out there. and it’s definitely not as cool. i heart seattle. :)

  3. Great training, your happiness is contagious :-)

  4. The bike bag is super cute!! :)

    You're doing a great job on the training, stay strong and you'll get in the shape you want to be really soon!!

  5. That's a great week of training, and so good to see that you ran over 9 miles (on a hilly route) without PF getting in the way.

    LOVE the bike bag!

  6. I'm so happy for you! 9 miles sounds wonderful! :)

  7. Does this mean the last mile of your 10K will be HAMMER TIME?

  8. Running barefoot on the treadmill - OUCH. I've done that and my calves burn for days.