Saturday, September 15, 2012

Week 3: 10k training update (step-down week)

I was scheduled for a "step down" this week for my long run but due to my work travel, not having access to cross-training equipment, and getting back later than anticipated, my step-down consisted of dropping all my cross training but maintaining my full long run distance.

Monday: Easy < 3 mile 'travel run' in Kodiak
Tuesday: Walking (a couple miles maybe? but lots of beer drinking too)
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Easy 3 mile run around my "golf course loop"
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Relaxed 7 mile run around Lake Union with Sally (she was doing a full 20 miler!)
Sunday: Walking around the state fair

**No up-tempo runs, just all easy paces.
**It all felt good! Minimal plantar fasciitis pain and my right ham/glut seems to be getting better.
**I've been wearing my Mizunos a lot and LOVE them. As my distances increase I may switch over to a heavier shoe for the long runs.

Plan for Week 4:
I'm looking forward to getting more of my sweat on this coming week, back to a routine. I will continue to work on:
**2 days of strength training (or at least some Jillian Michaels exercises)
**1 day of yoga
And will plan for sure on: 
**1 or 2 easy runs (~3-4 miles)
**1 faster run with some strides
**1 long run of 8 miles!

I'm deviating a little from the Another Mother Runner program but I'm trying to build up my mileage a little quicker than I calls for. I don't think I'm being dumb about it though? 

I REALLY need to start getting into the pool again. I enjoy swimming but I have so much anxiety about it, it takes a lot of motivation to get my butt into the pool for some reason. Why am I so wacky about something that I enjoy? The hassle of getting wet? The horrible technique I display?


  1. Sounds like an enjoyable week of runs to me! I'm having the same problem getting my butt back in the pool...

  2. Yay for minimal PF pain!

    Swimming is such a big fat hassle compared to running. All that preparation and changing, then drying off... I can understand your lack of motivation!

  3. SO happy the PF is abating ... best news ever!

    I find the whole pool thing such a process. Once I'm in the water, I am fine but it's a struggle to make myself LIKE being all full of chlorine for an extended period of time. Then the whole washing your hair and drying and blah blah blah.

    1. Thanks, glad things are calming down.
      The chlorine is not so great but the swimming is. If only I could do it & stay dry...

  4. So glad you are back running. I like swimming and I go early early so I am almost the first one there. That helps me. I don't want to get there and not have a lane. I figure when people see my technique they feel better about theirs so I am doing a community service by making them feel good.

    1. I have that same thought! I'm a confidence booster for everyone else!

  5. Great job! That is really awesome you are able to increase your long runs. I hoping to do that, just taking baby steps! The AMR plan is fun.

    And I totally agree with Jill's comment about the pool. I like swimming, it's everything that goes along with it that I don't like!

    1. Also, I just noticed my blog is showing up on your side bar under my old title and my new title. I am not sure why. . .

    2. I noticed that too but have been too lazy to look into it & correct. I don't mind!

  6. GOod job, it seems you have everything under control! Keep it up!

  7. so glad things are getting back to the old you-it seems like a good plan-not too fast. and i don’t blame you on the pool-so not a fan :):)