Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Stranded in Kodiak (a photo tour)

There could be worse things?

Right now, it's pouring rain and foggy. Because of this (and a computer breakdown this morning with Alaska Air), my 8:20 a.m. flight was cancelled. Not delayed. Cancelled. Instead of being home by afternoon today, I will not be home until 5:30 a.m. tomorrow (assuming now more weather delays).

The last two days were stunning though. Yesterday, I caught a beautiful sunrise run around town (Thanks for the route, Molly!). I headed out around 6:50 a.m. but the sun rises late here. This was a great way to start what would be a busy day. I toured town, found local museums, fisheries, marinas, the high school, and amazing views. Check it out!

Local marina

High school art proejct, made from debris found at sea
Russian Orthodox Church

Who needs a tire swing when you can make a buoy swing!

It was a nice, relaxed run, just 30 minutes. There was much more to see but I was short on time (and running late, literally) as I needed to get to work. But oh how I love travel running!

At our meeting last night, I met some amazing people. This tiny town is quite diverse, given the Native Alaskan origins, Russian colonization, U.S. Coast Guard occupation, and fisheries industry. Aside from the historical inhabitants and tourists from all over, it attracts people from Asia, Africa, Latin America... Lots of languages being heard within just a few city blocks!

Today, I took time to walk around and visit three museums (Alutiiq Museum, Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center, and Baranov Museum). It was very interesting, especially seeing the fully rearticulated gray whale skeleton. The whale was discovered washed up on a beach, they buried it for FOUR years to let it decompose, then carefully excavated the bones, let the bones bleach in the sun & fat dry out, THEN, they brought in experts to reassemble the entire skeleton. It is amazing!

But I did work up a thirst, which led me to meeting my client at...

Kodiak Island Brewing Company.
Oh yes we did.

We sampled, then we took the plunge into full pints. I'm an IPA girl, client went for the Liquid Sunshine (also good).
But I was really tempted by the Sarah Pale. (I bought a shirt with her logo for hubs. How could I resist?)
Evidence. Hard at work? Yes.

Lovely here, but I'm looking forward to getting home.


  1. Lovely photos. Hope your flight goes smoothly!

  2. Gosh, I love Alaska. My fisherman really likes kodiak, but I've never been. All those small towns are so cool though. One day, I will live in one of them. One day...

  3. Running in Alaska, museums, a brewery. Yes, I am jealous. But I get the want to get home feeling.

  4. LOVE the photos.. what a great time you had. I went to Anchorage in college and it was amazing.. Hugs!! Miss you.

    Still nothing NEW here :(

  5. There are definitely worse places to be stuck. That run looks amazing (as does the beer). I loved the octopus sculpture... until I read the caption. I'm not sure "love" is the right word for all the trash in our waterways? But it's very clever public art nonetheless!

    PS - This Saturday is Coastal Cleanup Day. Perfect timing for the trash octopus!

  6. LOVE the pictures, this looks like a very beautiful place! There are worse places to get stuck :) Hope you made it home by now.

  7. I love the pictures you took on your run.alaska looks beautiful. Hope you made it back home safe ly flight issues suck.

  8. your work trips always seem to have some “fun” included. and what beautiful views!

  9. The one state I've never been to, but you make it look so tempting. The fresh clean air must be great.