Friday, September 7, 2012

10k training update & Dylan vs Brandon?

The 10k training continues, with a plantar fasciitis distance PR of 6.1 miles. I was so excited at the end of my run, I kicked it in after topping a giant hill and as I looked down at my watch... old sidewalk edge jumped up and caught my left foot. BAM! I lunged forward hard & fast, flailing, and as my face raced toward the sidewalk and I was accepting that I was going to face-plant, somehow, I managed to recover my balance and continued home unscratched. Victorious!

However, that nice lunge stressed my right ham/glute and I'm still smarting from it. Nothing that a couple days of rest won't heal but really? Just as I'm hitting that threshold of legit running!

This weekend I leave for Kodiak, Alaska for a couple days (work meetings) so I hope to get a run in. It's their rainy season now but maybe I'll still get nice views?

Over Labor Day weekend, the (not so) Super Runner Mom tagged me in a Q&A post, the Liebster Award. She posted the following 11 questions:

1.  What is the oldest piece of clothing in your wardrobe (that you actually wear)?
Western Washington University vintage track jacket from the 1980's. Navy blue with white Adidas stripes on the arms - stylin'!

2.  What is your favorite drink?
Non-alcoholic: earl gray tea every morning
Alcoholic: Georgetown Brewing Co's Manny's Pale Ale on tap in our basement, 24/7

3.  What's your favorite race distance?
Half marathon!

4.  If you could give your teenage self just one piece of advice, what would it be?
Do a second senior year in a Spanish-speaking country.  

5.  What did you study/major in college?
B.S. in Environmental Science, minor in Chemistry then a M.S. in Environmental Health/Toxicology. If I could do it over...I would add Spanish as a double major in undergrad and then pursue further education in naturopathic medicine. (This is exactly what my dad recommended, but did I listen? If I only knew then what I know now!)

6.  Cilantro - love or hate? (I've determined that there is no in between on this issue)
LOVE. It would go against my genes to not like cilantro. Deeeelish! I even add it to my green smoothies, though a little goes a LONG way.

7.  Brandon or Dylan? (Inspired by the Old Navy commercials)
Umm...Bob Dylan. Final answer. No clue about Brandon & Dylan otherwise. Is this a boy band thing?

8.  Have you ever run a relay? If yes, which one? If no, why not?
YES and they are my favorite type of race. I've done Hood to Coast 2x, Falls to Gasworks, Mountains to Sound (awesome multisport race), and Mt. Si Relay 2x. Read HERE.

9.  How did you celebrate your 21st birthday?
My birthday was consistently timed with midterms and I was a science geek who studied for my organic chemistry midterm on my 21st birthday. I think I did go out to dinner & buy a beer at a local English pub but it was pretty tame (i.e., lame). 

10. What movie(s) could you watch over and over again?
I like the bad ones: Big Lebowski, Pineapple Express, Hangover, etc. But I can also watch Star Wars, Kill Bills (& pretty much any Quentin Tarantino movie), Princess Bride repeatedly. Oh, and the old school Muppets.

11. How often do you update your blog?
My goal is to post 2x per week to really wallow (in a good way) and relish my running, sometimes 3x when my training is in full swing.

With the Liebster Award, I'm supposed to tag 15 people to answer 11 random questions. There are many bloggers I would love to learn more about so if anyone reading this is interested, please answer these 11 questions or 11 of your own questions and leave me a comment letting me know so I can come read about you.



  1. 90210! Brandon and Dylan were the two main guys. I always preferred Brandon. :)

    Have fun on your trip if you can. I'd love to take a luxury Alaskan cruise one day.

    1. ok, I'm up to speed now. I was a 90210 devotee back in the day. all about those sideburns on those guys. DYLAN.

  2. Enjoy Alaska. I've never been...
    I like your answer for #4. I feel like the advice I give my teenage daughter is a reflection of the things I wish I had done in high school.

  3. Glad you saved yourself on your run and didn't do a faceplant:) I am embarrassed to say that Brandon and Dylan are 2 characters on 90210 which used to be my favorite show when I was in high school:) So funny!

    1. Yeah, I'm slow to catch on. That goes waaaaay back to high school indeed. DYLAN!

  4. SO glad you didn't end up with a face plant on the pavement, that'd definitely be bloody. Hope the hammie stretch heals up soon and WOOHOO, congrat on a PF PR!!! :)

    Fun answers to read! No clue who Brandon is either...?

  5. I was just about to give you a big High 5 for your last post about 10k training... glad I held off 'til I read this one. OUCH! I hope you recover quickly! (But at least no face-plant, right?)

    Brandon? Dylan?? I'm with you... I missed the 90210 reference, too. I'm old enough to "get it." I just never watched the show.

    Tarantino! Princess Bride! Muppets!!! I always knew we'd be friends. :)

  6. Very jealous of the Alaska trip and I also don't know who Brandon is. I also love the half marathon but like 10 miles even more. There are not that many of them though. Favorite movies........Sleepless in Seattle. Young at Heart. These days if Ryan Gosling is in it I'll watch it.

  7. That 1980s jacket sounds coool... picture? I also start each day with a mug of Earl Grey, I'd love to run in a relay but haven't yet, and I am a big fan of The Princess Bride!

  8. total DYLAN!! how could you not realize that’s what she meant?? and alaska!? so jealous of you PNW peeps. so glad you didn’t face plant and actually scratch up your face. hope you’re back to normal now.

  9. I'm always looking for those 80's adidas jackets! Cool!! Hope you are feeling better by now!