Sunday, August 5, 2012

I sweat my thorns off today

Yes, it was the THIRD ANNUAL SWEAT YOUR THORNS OFF virtual 5K this weekend! 

Thanks to THE BORING RUNNER, I had an excuse to get extra sweaty. Thankfully, Seattle weather finally sent summer back so I could get my heat on. At 8 a.m., it was already 70 degrees. That is really freaking hot, yo!

The pic doesn't do the sweat justice, but I was dripping. For reals, all my thorns melted away because I am not only not used to running right now (plantar fasciitis sucks) but also not used to running in anything above 65.

Course: My usual "golf course loop" with an extra loop at the park thrown in to splash in some puddles (last day of wear testing a water-proof product).
Total climb: 175 feet
Distance: 5k
Race time: 8:19 a.m.
Field: 1 average woman runner
Time: 26:08  (8:26 pace)
Place: 1/1

Adam may be a little disappointed to learn that there were no bodily mishaps or releases, other than sweat. After I got home, though, I did shed a few tears as I watched the women's marathon in London. So sad that Desi withdrew due to an injury but think she's a rock star for at least making the start line. And the same with Paula - I was looking forward to seeing her run. I wonder if she will keep fighting? Osteoarthritis doesn't sound good.
Courtesy of USATF.ORG

THANKS, ADAM, for making me get out on a hot weekend to push the pace a bit.


  1. Woo hoo, an excellent win! Congratulations! :) I was so disappointed for Desi and Paula as well. Sure hope to see them both in 2016.

  2. The only way to ensure that health is a priority is to take to running on a sustained basis.

  3. Very nice race, Chica!! You not only got first in your age group but first overall - woohoo! Hope your foot behaved...that's a great pace! :)

  4. dude! awesome job on getting back into-with some speed too! and you look super cute in that pic. sweaty and all. IN TWO WEEKS WE WILL HAVE EATEN OUR WAY THROUGH SEATTLE. :)