Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dawg races are coming!

I squeezed a post-work run in along the downtown Seattle waterfront today and was surprised by the smell of cross-country season.

Do you know that smell?

It's the smell of fall: sweat, fallen leaves, cooler temps.

It was in the 90's last week and now it feels and smells like fall may be around the corner. That got me thinking...

Dawg races are coming!
And my beloved Vikings will be racing too!

For local runners out there, check out several opportunities to spectate at fall collegiate races. I have posted previously about our local runners and have a Pac10 Championship spectator re-cap HERE. So much fun to see these young people race - I can't wait!

Ok, so here's the scoop (Seattle UW races in yellow; Seattle WWU race in med. blue):

I'm definitely going to try for the NCAA West Regionals (about half mile from my house!) and hopefully the Sundodger Invite, since both of my home teams will be there. 

Let me know if you're going to be spectating too!


  1. Sounds fun:) The temperature change is crazy. I went from wearing shorts and a tank to wearing my polar fleece pants and socks. Fall is coming.

  2. Mmm... I can smell spring in the air here on my morning runs. I love it! The start of spring and fall must be the best times of the year.

  3. The Aspen leaves are starting to show signs of Fall here, which indicates cross country is starting up. We have our first scrimmage meet on Saturday, which dictates which kiddos will run varsity and JV...I'm so excited for them (and swamped, of course - but in a good way :)).