Monday, July 30, 2012

Zensah supports our girls

A little while back, Zensah sent me a running bra to test and review. I only use basic Champion bras because:
1. I'm small and don't need much for support/hi tech features.
2. I'm cheap and I just buy what I can get at Costco when I'm picking up toilet paper and laundry soap.

While I might not need much support, testing out this Zensah running bra has made me realize it would be a good idea to expand my horizons and raise my standards a bit. I really liked this bra! I wasn't too surprised though - I use Zensah compression calf sleeves (recommended by my PT) and appreciate the fabric, wicking, and support. Until I received this bra, I didn't even realize that they also make bras, tops, and running skirts.

Is this a HAWT product photo or what?! :)

As you can see, this bra has a t-back style. What you don't see is that this bra is baby soft. I really liked its softness and for the activities I tested it in, it did not chafe me and felt very nice against the skin.

For one, I like that it comes in a variety of colors:

Very nice! I tested the neon pink which definitely work me up in the mornings (seen under my tank top here):

I used this bra for: running, cycling, yoga, high-impact exercise DVDs, hiking, and wearing all day while active outdoors.

What I liked:
  • Color options - super fun options, especially for those ladies without the mummy tummy who can still run topless (oh, the good old days!).
  • Rouched stitching - it was a bit rouched on the "T" in back and on the straps in front, which was a nice design detail that dressed it up a bit but also facilitated ventilation. Check out detailed photo HERE.
  • Softness - close second to my baby's bottom.
  • Wicking - definitely dried quickly after I worked out but couldn't change clothes right away or had to hang it in my office to air dry instead of stuffing into my gym back.
  • Support - disclaimer that I am an A cup. 
Big note about SUPPORT for the little ladies. I was perfectly fine in this bra, as an A cup. For reasons I can't go into now, I grew to about a B cup while testing this and had some tenderness going on*. Big time. And I still felt perfectly supported.  I think this bra would be fine for runners with A & B cups. No prob.

Check out JESS (Run with Jess), who also reviewed this bra. Jess is larger than A/B cup and so if you fall into that category do be sure to read her review.

What I didn't like:
  • I can't think of anything. 
I've washed the bra several times over the past few months and certainly am not close to wearing it out so I can't speak to how long this lasts. I do wash in cold with sports detergent and hang dry. That usually prolongs the lifetime of my running clothes.

BOTTOM LINE (i.e., TOP LINE): If you are A/B cup and in the market for versatile, soft sports bra that comes in some really great colors for an affordable price (retail at $35.99), definitely give the Zensah bra a try.

* I am not pregnant. False alarm. 


  1. I am definitely not an A/B cup and I love the one I have! :)

  2. Cute bra, yikes about the false alarm! I can't wait till my boobs shrink back down and I don't have to wear armor sports bras!

  3. I'm small too and usually buy my bras at Target. for some reason I have a hard time paying so much money for a bra, even though I know it's probaby better for my body.

  4. i wish they’d make something for us “blessed” ladies. every review i’ve read has been positive. nice that you got a free one :)