Sunday, July 15, 2012

Soap Much Love WINNER & sore muscle remedies

Thanks for participating in the give-away and for the tips about sore muscles. Here are sore muscle remedies posted by commenters:

  • I love arnica gel or creams for sore muscles. Also a heating pad for neck and back. For legs, recovery or compression socks are heavenly!
  • For me, i really like to use "elmore oil" for muscles pain to the neck and also to my back.
  • I could not live without my foam roller for the sore muscles in my legs.
  • I love my compression, my foam roller, my stick and my ice packs.
  • For me, it's plain old heat rub but I like the new ones that roll on like deodorant. No more greasy hands.
  • I usually use biofreeze after the shower.
  • When my ankle and Achilles are giving me too much grief, I like to rest them on an ice pack laying in bed, and simultaneously put a hot water bottle on my frequently tired quads.
  • I take L-Glutamine after really hard races or runs, seems to help recover quicker. Other than that, I just take a nice long soaking bath and that helps!
  • Epsom Salts bath (with Lavender).
  • Biofreeze and Epsom Salts. I also try to use recovery supplements on long runs (Endurox) or heavy weights days (BCAAs).
  • My favorite sore muscle remedy is two Tylenol & a massage from my hubby.

Now, get ready to wash away those sore muscles!  The following three winners need to shoot a message to to let me know where to send your soap...

Sore Muscle Soap from SoapMuchLove.Com
Angie Bee 

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  1. The ladies are going to love their soap! S and I did--

  2. I love my foam roller almost as much as I hate it! I bet the soap is way nicer...

  3. Great list! Thanks for sharing :-)

  4. Oh... look at me :). YAY! Thanks bunches. I'll email you. Thanks (so behind in blogs - again!).