Saturday, July 14, 2012

The new commute

HA! I KNEW my bike commute was a bit longer to our new office! My previous commute was 5.2 miles round trip. Now, I have a little extra hill on the way into work (total climb = 569 ft) and the round trip distance is 5.8 miles. Not a lot but that's a nice little bonus each day. Quite the right amount for pre- / post-work actually.

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  1. OMG, so jealous of your commute!!! I would LOVE this commute!!!

  2. When I started a new job, I didn't realize that my commute was about to almost double in length - it went from 11 miles round trip to 19! It was a little tough at first, especially making the extra time in the morning to leave earlier, but now I really like the exercise, and it's also a much nicer ride. It takes me along a separated bike route, instead of through morning rush hour with the cars.

  3. i love that you can bike to work and actually do it. :)