Tuesday, July 3, 2012

June challenges & RUNNING again!

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In March, I was going strong until I got a little too ambitious and brought some nasty old plantar fasciitis on myself. I tried to keep the faith through April but by May, I had lost heart and become a lazy butt. So, beginning in June, I decided to enter several challenges. 

Things didn't work out exactly as I'd planned but I did ok:

Green Smoothie Challenge
Goal: One green smoothie per day.
Actual: I did it! Well, except for one day, the day of Seattle RNR when I was just plain too busy. I tried all kinds of combinations of fruits with my greens and found somethings that worked and am making a habit of taking a fresh green smoothie to work with me every day to snack on & keep me away from junk food. One important lesson: A little cilantro goes a long way!

Sit-Up Challenge (100x Challenge)
Goal: 100 sit-ups per week/400 per month.
Actual: 349 were logged. I did cut back the week of Seattle RNR while fighting a cold but otherwise, I'm pretty sure I got more than 400 sit-ups in since they are a part of my regular routine but I would forget to log them.

Another Mother Runner Challenge
Goal: 5 days exercise/week.
Actual: I did it! Except (again) for the week preceding the Seattle RNR. I was sick for a few days so I missed a couple workouts that week. What I am disappointed about is that while I did some form of exercise most days, the intensity was lacking. I had hoped to make it into the pool but didn't and didn't pump as much iron as I hoped.


It's a new month now and I'm happy to be working in a new office building located directly across from my gym. NO EXCUSES!

My goals for July are to:
  • Get back to some cross-training and strength training on a regular basis.
  • Continue to log some easy running miles. I've "run" four times now with success! I don't want to jinx myself, but I think I'm back
  • Make no running goals. Just take it EASY. Someone please kick me if I start talking about any running goals this month. Have I learned my lesson?


  1. Hooray for running again! Just take it easy and build up gradually, and i hope to read about lots of running exploits soon!

  2. Keep going forward with the running. Big yay!

  3. Speed is not our friend. Take it easy! So glad you are back.

  4. Oh yay!! I hope that dumb foot is happy for good and no more pain!!!

  5. **clapping**

    nice work on those goals!!!

  6. YEAH!!!! Your running is BACK!! SOO happy for you :) Good job on the sit ups!!

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