Thursday, July 19, 2012

I like being smug

WHEN I'M ON MY BIKE, that is.

Today was a busy day and I debated about driving in to work so I could run my errands. In a rare moment of good judgement, I opted to stick with my bike commute.

Errand 1. On the way into work, I stopped off at our neighborhood bakery to place an order for a cake. This weekend is our family's annual gathering for the Swedish SummeRun 5k for ovarian cancer. We walk in honor of my Aunt Mary who passed away 5 years ago. It has turned into a great family gathering with parties all weekend long, cousins flying in from far away (ahem, Army Doc!), good food, and more. We also celebrate a birthday for little EP-turning-4 this year. His orders: white cake with chocolate frosting. Done. Pick-up will be on Saturday at noon.

Then, off to work (I might have bought myself a donut to take into the office. Yum.).

Errand 2. At 4:30 I left the office for the day and there was already traffic downtown. Didn't affect me! I breezed down my bike lane, flying past cars waiting at green lights. heh heh. suckahs! I felt pretty cool, and smug of course. I rode down to a toy store by Pike Place Market to pick up a birthday present for EP-turning-4. Stuff it in my panniers and I'm off again, cruising past traffic.

Errand 3. Quick stop for eyebrow wax. The place I go has a little bar where you can pour yourself a little shot of vodka or whiskey before you go in. I love it. From here, it was my big uphill chug home. Cars, cars, cars. Thankfully I had my wide open bike lane!

My total trip was 8.3 miles. Not bad, glad for a little extra mileage since I missed my run today.

I feel so smug for being able to cruise through traffic and not get stuck with everyone else! This is the BEST way to run errands downtown! 

Biking rocks.
Living close to where I work rocks even more.

Tonight, we attended a public meeting in our neighborhood about MORE BIKE LANES and bike crossing marks for intersections that are being added to facilitate safe riding for kids to/from our parks and schools. Love it. It's all thanks to a few local activist bikers. THANK YOU!

That's all I have to say about that.


My next report will be about our annual "Walking for Mary" gathering at the Swedish SummeRun! Quick notes:
1. I have not challenged Army Doc this year to a race.
2. Instead, I will be walking this year as with last, enjoying the company of my family and friends.


  1. That does sound awesome! A shot before eyebrow waxing? Is that unique or a common thing? Enjoy your parties.

    1. It is not common as far as I know. I think it's intended more for people getting bikini waxes or maybe for the guys getting back waxes. OUCH!

  2. A shot before waxing?? GENIUS.

  3. So cool! Have fun this weekend! We did the Summerun last year, but couldn't do it this year:( I hope the rain stops for you:)

  4. You are right about biking, and you are right to be smug! By the way, the kids here do have 6 weeks summer holiday - they just broke up today!