Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Be the first to run

I just found out about this inaugural race in Everett, WA today and it sounds awesome. For those of us recovering from injuries & such, a late fall race could be just the ticket. Plenty of time to prepare! Know what I like about this new course, aside from the North Cascade Mountain, pastoral, and Snohomish River views?

It's going to be: FLAT and FAST.

Who doesn't like a PR opportunity?
A tune-up before the Seattle Half Marathon?
Be among the first to run this new course!

Need more motivation? Use this code:

AverageSRR12 to get $10 off your registration fee!

Know what else I'm looking forward to? An excuse to stop by the Scuttlebutt Brewing Company! Yes, their brewery is located in Everett. And they have a restaurant a which you can replenish all that energy you burn on your half marathon or 10k. As they say at Scuttlebutt, "The liver is evil and must be punished."

Let's do this thang!


  1. Oh...so tempting! I've been looking for a race in October. How long is the discount code good for?

    1. Good question! I think it will be good as long as online entry runs but I will confirm.

  2. Snohomish? Scuttlebutt? You have all the best names!

  3. Sounds like a great race. I wish I would live closer!