Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pre-Seattle Rock & Roll race activities

Today, our local Tall Mom sent out a summary of all the fun goings-on here in Seattle prior to the big RNR race. For anyone who isn't on her distribution list, here is what's happening in the Emerald City. Even though I'm not running the race, I will be participating in all of these events and am looking forward to meeting folks and cheering all y'all on, bright & early on Saturday morning!

If you have questions about anything, do contact the Tall Mom (Mel)

Thursday- 6/21

Another Mother Runner House Party

Friday- 6/22

3:00 PM- Blogger Meet-up with John Bingham at Expo in clinic area.

This will be very informal, with John and Mel leading a quick discussion with time for all to chat after.  We have 30 minutes in the expo area before the next clinic, after that we can move to another location to get to know each other better.  HUGE thanks to RNR Seattle for giving us a place to meet.  I will have Blank name tags and a list of Bloggers who I know will be present.  

Saturday- 6/23- RACE DAY!!

6:30 AM- Pre-Race Photo- I am thinking Corral #7 but with the new Race Start area I am not 100% sure how convenient that area will be.

7:00 AM- Race Starts - Would be good to know all the Corral #’s so we can find each other.  I will post the “What is your RNR Corral #?” question on Tall Mom Facebook/Twitter tomorrow, so please log in and answer, may be nice to know who else will be in your Corral.

Run Run Run- We will have some Bloggy buddies along the course cheering us on.

Post-Race- Meetup at B for Blogger (weather dependent) for the Foil Blanket Party, photo ops, reload on food and to wait for the Full Marathoners to Finish.  Will want to get an idea of all the Full Runners and their Finish times so we can have our Cowbells and Cameras ready.


  1. This is going to be a blast! So fun.

  2. Lots of fun indeed! Enjoy!

  3. Good luck everyone, wish I still lived in Seattle to meet up!

  4. This is an insane list of peeps!

  5. Oh how fun!!! I am missing the book house party here in Denver :(. Have a blast!!!

  6. so jealous :) yall have fun!!

  7. I'm sad to be missing out this year! I hope you all have a great time!