Sunday, June 3, 2012

A month of challenges

I've been so completely unmotivated since early May because this plantar fasciitis is bringing me down. June 2nd and I'm enrolled in three challenges, hoping to kick myself in the butt:

Dream Big Runner's 100x Challenge for June = 100 sit-ups per week
Christine has been hosting a "100x" challenge each month, including run 100k, do 100 minutes of plank (big fail on this one), 100 push-ups per week, etc. I missed the 100 dips last month but am aiming to get back in for June and get my 100 crunches per week!

Run to the Finish Green Smoothie Challenge = 1 green smoothie per day
Day 3 and I'm 3 for 3! My blender is half-legged and my new Vitamix doesn't arrive until Tuesday so until then I need to lean on easy-to-blend items: spinach, berries, banana, and some ground flax seed. You can follow along on Twitter at: #greensmoothiechallenge by @RuntoTheFinish.

Another Mother Runner Challenge = 5 workouts per week
I just read about this challenge and have penciled out a plan, below. I don't think it's too late?

Hopefully my June will be this good but will have more varied exercise. At a minimum, I need to keep up the bike commuting and strength training.

Anyone out there have a favorite GREEN SMOOTHIE recipe to share?


  1. Spinach, pineapple/kiwi, green grapes!

  2. Lots of great challenges:) I hope the motivation comes back and the PF goes away.

  3. Good idea to do these. I don't blame you for lacking motivation. Hope that PF is gone for good soon.

  4. Yeah! Thanks for joining the challenge this month! :)

  5. Do you like biking? That is what kept me sane when I had my first bout with PF. Plus I completely fell in love with it and now would rather bike than anything. Love that you are finding challenges to do.

  6. OOOH! I'm already in for two of your three. I have to look into your 100x challenge...not too late right??

  7. Woohoo, bring on June! I think these challenges will be a great distraction to your icky foot!!

    I just throw spinach in every smoothie I make. A friend who is some sort of nutrition nut (hehe) told me that spinach cells are more absorbed when blended than when chewed because we don't chew them as small as a blender does.

    Good luck with all the fun challenges. I know you'll do great!! :)

  8. I'm inspired to get back into green smoothies now too! (I had an unfortunately incident with green smoothie and some medication that made me nauseous a few months ago...) But I think I'm over it now, AND I need to get some good use out of this borrowed Vitamix before I have to return it in August! What are some of your favorite greens smoothies?

    I've been doing spinach, nectarines, raspberries with a couple of variations this week. I've tried adding walnuts (they sort of overwhelm the flavor), pecans, and a little honey (once I put in a lot of raspberries and it was pretty tart). I'm ready to move on to something else though - none of these combinations were particularly flavorful. I could use more good ideas!

    1. I don't have any super stellar recipes so far but have learned a few things...I will post this week.