Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Muscle "poop," or gracias a Title IX

Page 98. 
A new, old term?

See "poop" image on left for herniated calf. Ouch!
My favorite friend bought this book for me at a garage sale last weekend, purchased from a former HS track coach:

Published in 1972, "a must for every Athletic Department!" 
There isn't anything about plantar fasciitis, as far as I can tell. But it does have a lot of other good taping info...particularly for men. All models are male; there is no female-specific injury addressed that I've found but certainly covers all other bases. For example: 

Groin Pull
 I wonder how long after the passage of Title IX before a book was released with female-specific taping illustrations? I take for granted my opportunities to engage in sports - my whole life. This is an interesting, and informative, example of the state of sports around the time I was born. 

Thank you foremothers! 


  1. Wow, how cool to look back at that. Times have changed, thankfully!

  2. I love that guys pooped calf. I wonder if I bought some taped and tapped my pooped calf like that book if it'd help, or if it only helps for males. :)

    My podiatrist tapped my PF. Didn't help and actually caused me blisters when I ran, but I gave him an A for using an entire roll of tape.

  3. Ohhh... fascinating!
    One of these days I'd like to write a book about gender issues in running.
    (For now, my students get to hear me use these examples in class.) ;)

  4. What a strange book! Men can keep their taping and funny shaped calf muscles - women don't need that advice!

  5. I've used KT tape for my PF and it's been a life saver at times. There are great videos on their website about how to apply it too.

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