Thursday, May 31, 2012

Double header weekend on the books

Ok, so I'm taking a BIG leap of faith that I will be running by early July. (How did I get here? July? I still can't believe I haven't trained since March 19th).

WHY is this a leap of faith you ask?

Well, because THIS trouble maker twisted my arm into committing to a double header in October! Actually, there wasn't much convincing needed. I have plenty of frequent flier points and I have been needing something to look forward to / something to give me hope, so I took the plunge. LJ, a frequent partner-in-crime of Kim's, also will be a part of this crazy weekend and I look forward to meeting her.
  • First, I picked up a good deal (points) on a round trip ticket between Seattle and Philadelphia, leaving on a Friday morning and returning on a Sunday evening. 
  • Second, I booked a car for Kim, LJ, and I to cruise around in. 
  • Third, I ordered a SkirtSports skirt (on sale of course) along with Kim & LJ so we can be matchy for one of the races.
  • Fourth, I registered for a Saturday half marathon in Delaware (Run for the Buds, Rockford Park) and a Sunday half marathon in New Jersey (Seaside Half Marathon, Seaside Heights).
Next up, we need to:
  • Book hotel rooms in Philly and NJ.
  • Come up with a short list of "must eats" in Philly (~ 30 minutes from DE race location) for Friday night and Saturday, post-race, as well as one decent eatery for Saturday night in NJ. 
  • Get recommendations for the top 3 things we must see in Philly since we will have some time post-race before we need to drive from Philly to the Jersey Shore (look out Snookie, I'm bringing my biggest bump-it!). 
Oh, and one more MINOR DETAIL...

I need to resolve this plantar fasciitis thing so I can train for this crazy DOUBLE HEADER WEEKEND with the girls!

Anyone else want to meet us in DE or NJ?
Anyone have recommendations for eats or to-do's in Philly?


  1. Yeah! You're foot needs to get with the program. At least you've got some time to get all better. Can't wait for this one, I am so excited.

  2. How fun! I have no doubt that you ladies will have a blast.

  3. Awesome! You ladies will have so much fun- sorry I don't have any recommendations for you. I don't get to Philly very often :)

  4. IF you're traveling for races sign up for Rock and Roll Providence Half in August!

  5. You have some great running to look forward to! I will keep my fingers crossed for your pesky Plantar Fascia...