Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New DVD, new doc

Since I'm still resting my plantar fasciitis infested left foot, I thought I'd pick up another Jillian Michaels DVD to give myself some variety in torture methods: Ripped in 30. It's similar to 30 Day Shred in that she uses her 3-2-1 circuit (3 min strength-2 min cardio-1 min core) for a 25 minute workout. This DVD comes with 4 levels; you're supposed to do each level 5 to 6 days per week then move to the next level. After completing all 4 levels, you are magically RIPPED in 30 (days)! 

That's what I'm hoping for but doubtful I'll be shedding this extra layer I have with only these DVDs & my short bike-to/from-work commute. I like Jillian's DVD's - she can get you a great workout in 25 minutes in your living room without big equipment - but it's not the same as RUNNING. Need to get back to the spinning & pool.


So about that PF that I've been reluctant to talk about for fear of prolonging it, making it more real.

It was improving dramatically within 10 days of the acute onset at the high school track, since then it's just been stagnant. No better, no worse. Yesterday, I was thinking I'd just tape the hell out of my foot and go for a run to test 'er out. Then, I thought I should get an expert opinion (first smart thing in a while?).

Although I feel like I'm two-timing my wonderful PT of years past, I opted for convenience and a new approach and visited a new guy near my office. Have you heard of naturopathic physical medicine? I hadn't. This ND-PT guy is in the same office as the massage guy I lucked into finding the day my PF acted up. I was able to get in Monday and he did a full one-hour assessment of my:
back (my lower back doesn't bend, ya ya I know, thank you snowboarding), hips (tight left soleus), hams (tight), quads (right side stronger), knees (good!), calves (tight, right stronger), ankles (left one lacks mobility but why is this bad?), feet (flat, right pronates more than left, definite pain in left PF).

The treatment:
  • Light soleus stretching (mmmm, felt goooood)
  • Light calf stretching while standing on a big vibration plate (jiggly all over, made me need to pee)
  • Cold laser therapy on my left foot, heel region where PF is tender (felt nothing but thought Dr. Evil would be jealous of the giant la-ser)
  • Graston technique on PF & heel (tickled, actually had been hoping for some pain)
The outcome:
I actually felt some relief! It was modest but it was certainly something. I'm cautiously optimistic about this crazy physical medicine thing. 

Good news: 
  • Although the pain in my PF & calcaneous was there during the Graston stuff and felt "grainy," it wasn't a "washboard" as feared and the tenderness on the outside of the calcaneous didn't cause the tool to catch, which means likely not the result of bone spurs. Yes! 
  • Doc recommends another 5-ish sessions over this and next week - no running during this time. But, possibly after the end of these 2 weeks I can give it a try.
Sad Reality:
  • Not enough time to train to RACE the Capital City Half Marathon that I signed up for in May. I'm just hoping I can jog it for training to avoid a second-ever DNS.
  • Lack of running calorie burn impairs my beer (oh, lovely kegerator of Manny's) consumption rate.
Anyone have any plantar fasciitis healing tricks?


  1. Hope the treatment works and you can get back running soon. I remember the frustration of a 6 week layout when I was training for the NYC Marathon in 2002.

  2. Hope your treatment plan is successful! Good luck!

  3. Dang, two more weeks? I'm so proud of you for going to the doc.
    Two weeks sounded short, but then I realized, two weeks in the spring is way longer than two weeks in the winter. Get better!

  4. Two weeks, bummer! Hopefully the magic doctor can make things magic.

    PS, ED and I are FOR REAL BFF's. We've been conversing via twitter dm. It's true. Don't be jealous.

  5. Hope it gets better. I get mad when I can't run and it seems like everyone else is out there having fun. Sucks. I giggled at the jiggly pee part.

    I am still on the fence about CC. I will let you know if I do it. Two of my buddies are running it, and they may upgrade to the full to get maniac status. They're crazy, obviously.

  6. Email me if you want to know all I learned with my 2-year PF nightmare (did you email me some time ago? I forget...sorry). I never did any of the stuff you're doing, but regardless, I hope you get relief. I know firsthand how much it absolutely sucks!

  7. glad you looked into it-and honestly the treatment sounds kinda cool. :) have you tried any of that KT tape? not sure how much it helps or not just know that they have a way to use it for PF. I was going to give it to P to try.

    1. E - I've been keeping it taped up since just after it happened. I think it does help with the support for sure but not the cure-all.

  8. Injuries suck especially ones that keep haunting us. I like the idea of the new type of doc you are seeing. I have an appointment with a sports medicine based chiropractor next week. I like the idea of a full body type assessment so that I can get the type of information like you received. I feel like the docs I've seen so far are just like, "Yeah you are running a lot and you overpronate. Get some orthotics." If I have to venture more to the "woo" side of doctors to get different answers, I'm willing to do it.

  9. I think it's good you got a second opinion. Starting to run in 2 weeks sounds great! Sending you tons of fast healing thoughts! :)