Monday, April 23, 2012

Making the most of Monday

The weather in Seattle has been so amazing that I couldn't bear the thought of just going to work and being confined indoors all day. I'm REALLY missing my long runs.

So, I got up early to get a bike ride in, my first ride on my road bike since last summer! It felt horribly strange at first and I couldn't get my shoes clipped in for anything. My first attempt at mounting resulted in me tipping over. Thankfully, my alley is not paved so the only outcome was me getting a bit dirty.

Though my blue beauty is nearly 20 years old, her ride is as smooth and rich as butter. Makes me feel sorry for the rest.

Just a few quick thoughts from this ride:
  • Going on a ride along Lake Washington on a spring morning before Monday workday is a fantastic way to start the week. 
  • Cherry blossoms in full bloom look like pink popcorn.
  • Skinny tires + light weight = FAST downhill.
  •  Not having a chain ring that provides low gears makes me feel extra tough cranking up Seattle hills. 
  •  My right quad fatigued/burned more than my left and I'm not sure what that means. One-legged squats are in order?
  •  Switching directly to my heavy, wide-tired commuter bike after riding the road bike made me sad because the commuter is so much more difficult to ride. It pretty much blows.
  • Switching directly to my heavy, wide-tired commuter bike after riding the road bike then made me happy because I realize that the extra effort I exert to ride to/from work builds better fitness.
  • Riding with a wet head under my helmet creates a better hairstyle than using a diffuser on the hair dryer. Yet another reason to bike commute.

Distance = 11.3 miles
Time = ~ 50-55 minutes (I forgot to check the clock)
Total elevation change = 1,714 feet
Total climb = 862 ft
Misc = Too many happy runners & cyclists to count but did see 1 eviscerated rat who probably wouldn't have felt happy if he could see himself.

I'm swamped with work but hoping to get caught up so I can read about Kia's recent 50k (Determined to Be Fit), Sarah's first marathon (Mommy to Marathon in Under 40), #SMCOL SoCal Ragnar Relay, and the Bloggers Do it Online Mt. Si Relay (Mom Vs Marathon & others).

Also, I have a medal hanger review/giveaway coming up!


  1. Looks like a great ride!

  2. Nice ride and thanks for the lovely photos. My road bike is a 1984 model and still a better ride than most out there. at the time it was a top bike and it shows even today. I can't see myself on a different road bike ever.

  3. Yesterday's weather was amazing. So glad you were able to enjoy it:) Way to get a good ride in before work. So pretty!

  4. That's beautiful, the pink trees. Fast bike riding terrifies me. I would be an awful triathlete.

  5. How absolutely gorgeous! You and I live in totally different parts of the country.

  6. Looks beautiful!!! I'm jealous :)

  7. Love the bike! Your photos are gorgeous! How's the injury...?