Sunday, April 8, 2012

Do not view while eating

I know this is weird, but it's just too funny for me to pass up: Kerrie (momvsmarathon) suggested I enter the 2Toms Third Annual Blister Challenge with this doozy I earned last weekend.

How could I pass up an opportunity to be the poster girl for what NOT to do (somebody has to set a bad example)? So, PLEASE, after you have eaten, go to THIS LINK and check out the four entries (so far). Then, VOTE FOR ME! (If you think my blister is the worst, which it is.)

I'm pretty sure mine is even worse than the person who ran a marathon barefoot and got blood blisters. Actually, maybe they should win. Their entry certainly makes me feel better about what I did to earn mine, as I don't think rollerblading 20 miles is as bad an idea as running a marathon completely barefoot. I could see doing a barefoot one on trails but on road? OUCH!

I hope everyone had a great Easter. Before bed tonight I'm going to toss all the Easter candy, cake, etc. into the garbage as we've had ENOUGH for a while. Then tomorrow I will get back to some clean livin'. March was such a horrible month in Seattle, with record rains that just left me in the dumps. It was so hard to muster energy for anything productive. My eating and exercise suffered.

As of this past week, spring has finally sprung and spending 3 hours doing yard work this weekend (YES!) gave me that dose of sunshine that I needed to pull my attitude back up. Although my allergies are driving me crazy right now, I'm generally feeling much better mentally and I owe it to the weather finally turning around. The birds are singing, flowers blooming, and I even got a little color on my cheeks.

With that, I hope everyone else in the Pacific Northwest is feeling like they are coming alive again after a long, long winter. Best of luck with the Seattle RNR training!


  1. Ouch! I used to always get blisters when rollerblading too. Maybe that's why I stopped?:) Actually, it was the inability to slow down that scared me. Loving the weather!! I hope to gt a long run in today and fill up my Vitamin D reserves:)

  2. That blister. Holy crap.

    I bought ZERO candy for easter baskets this year. I don't think my kids were even phased.

  3. Holy mother! You definitely deserve a big win for that one! Ouchie!

  4. And our winter was non existent. Weird weather.

  5. OUCH!!! I've never seen a blister like that. Hope you are feeling better by now.

  6. Wowsers!!! Yours definitely beats my glitter toms blister! You should DEFINITELY WIN! I'll vote. And also try to step away from the Easter candy....