Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Denied again - phew!

So far, my plan is working out. Denied by NYC marathon lottery in 2011 and again in 2012. Now, I just need to get denied in 2013. Then, I will get my automatic "buy" in 2014! By then, I should be done with baby #2 (not pregnant yet) and my BFF in NYC will be ready to run it with me too by 2014. I'm hoping Becca and Elizabeth will be on the same schedule.

Now that I know for sure about NYC, I'm contemplating joining Kim for a crazy east coast double-header. She is registered & ticket bought for a Saturday half in NJ and Sunday half in DE in late October. It would be a blast of a girl's weekend. The only thing holding me back is...yes...the fact that I'm not running right now due to this damned plantar fasciitis. Should I do it anyway? What deadline should I set to decide, knowing that airfare is affordable right now and race registration could fill up...?

Also, I did not get selected for the Nuun Hood to Coast teams. Of course, it's a let-down to not get accepted for something that you've applied for, and I swear I'm not just saying this because I wasn't selected, but I really am a bit relieved. Primarily because...I CAN'T RUN right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It would have really stressed me out to have people counting on me when I'm totally uncertain about myself.
As for the whole Nuun Hood to Coast thing, I was surprised they picked so many of last year's runners but shocked, and frankly pissed, about three people (2 locals & 1 Midwesterner) who didn't get picked. I have no right to be angry since it's all just a game but it just didn't make sense considering the other repeats. It would be interesting to know what the inside scoop was.

On the flip side, I'm incredibly excited about the new peeps who got selected, particularly Elizabeth (because I'll get to see her again when she comes to Seattle for HTC and I hope she comes early) and the Seattle ladies: Ricole & Zoe.

I'm hoping to be running "soon," whatever that means. I've been going nuts, almost literally, for not running. The weather has gotten nice and it's time to RUN SEATTLE. Cycling is great but I miss my running.

I have yet to hear about my entry into the 2Toms Third Annual Worst Blister Contest. There are some nasty looking feet up there but hoping I "get" to be the poster child for nastiness.

A girl's gotta have dreams, que no?

Ok, way behind on work and even further behind on reading race reports from this past weekend. Isn't it my Friday (Thursday) yet?


  1. Wow, that's quite a plan you have there - marathon rejection, baby conception, baby birth, marathon acceptance! Good luck with it - you are so organised!

  2. i’m so excited that i will get to see you! but i was bummed you weren’t picked….although I hadn’t thought about the PF. oops. i need to look at kim’s page with the races and see when they are!

  3. I hope you have the gnarliest feet in all the land.....

    You have some plan all worked out there, eh? The Nuun stuff - man. Whatever. I call bs on those shenanigans.

  4. Well, if you can't get into HTC, you BETTER get some big award for the blister contest!! :)

    Seriously, I wasn't overly impressed with the HTC picks either and thought it would have been better to get some fresh blood in there. I didn't apply because it's way too far for me to travel, and I've done a few relays locally and they just aren't my thing (watch, I'll end up doing one this yer again. Hahah)....but I feel for people who wanted to get in and didn't.

    Sorry about NYC but it sounds like a much better plan with the pregnancy and all to wait. And then your foot will be all better too! :)

  5. Sorry about the NUUN thing. I hope your feet heel soon. I have been dealing with PF off and on for months now. SO frustrating! I have a half on Sunday and I hope my feet cooperate. Double header sounds fun!

  6. I'm sorry you still can't run, sending you tons of healing thoughts!!!

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  8. Sorry about HTC and NYC (maybe it's an acronym issue?).

    As for your PF--before I made the switch to minimalism, I was the PF queen. Now I am in my bare feet all the time and the only shoes I wear are minimalist. Have never, ever had a twinge of PF since making the switch. I highly recommend it!

  9. I have similar feelings about the HTC decision but what do ya do!? Next year it's all US!

  10. I also got denied on the Nuun team, oh well, maybe next year! Or maybe we could just get a van and do the relay as bandits.....or maybe get a sponsorship from GU Brew tabs?

    Side note, saw your husband in Seattle at work this week and I think he is creep-ed out by our internet blogging acquaintance :)

  11. I'm bummed you didn't get on the Nuun team. But maybe that's so you can go next year when your healthy. Maybe I'll get to go, too -- that'd be awesome!

  12. Way to keep things in perspective! ;)

    PS - Good luck in the blister contest... I think?

    PPS - On the Washington wine, it was Chateau St Michelle Canoe Ridge merlot. Love that vineyard!

  13. Your blister is definitely the worst blister I've ever seen and you should totally win! :-) So sorry about Hood to Coast... I wish we all could have gotten it.. :-( I didn't get in to NYC either, but I also was kind of relieved. ALthough I did totally want in, I also don't necessarily want to train for another marathon this year! That girls weekend sounds AWESOME though you should definitely do that!

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