Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April plans

I'm not much of a country music listener - more rock and R&B - but...I can't get enough of this Pistol Annies album! Anyway, this song is fitting:

Somebody had to set a bad example
To show all the prim & proppers what not to do.
Nobody round here wants to ramble
What the hell, that's what I was born to do.

Don't do what I do! I'm here for you to learn from, yes. Don't roller blade for 20 miles your first time out.

And, we learned in March that when your running is going fine, don't jump in with both feet into your new low/zero drop shoes (Brooks PureFlow for me), no matter how sexy and alluring they are, especially when you are used to training in Brooks Adrenaline and you have a tendency for tight calves, Achilles, and plantar fascia.
= Plantar fasciitis. 

I'm taping, resting, icing, popping pills, contemplating some other treatments but mostly trying to rest it so I can get back into the game. ASAP.

Anyway, what's up with April? For now, a lot of cross-training. I have to be cautious with the running for now. Did everyone read the Newton article in last month's RW? So timely:

Where trouble can arise with the Newton - or any running shoe for that matter - is if you do a forefoot strike...because it is going to stretch your plantar fascia and Achilles tendon. This is problematic if you're a lifelong heel-striker, a gait that doesn't put as much stress on your Achilles or calves. [The Newton] requires more elastic recoil from your Achilles...if you do a forefoot, it generates 58 percent of the force required to rupture your Achilles - that's 42 perfect more than what's normally created. 
The Shoe Believer by Michael Behar, April 2012 Runner's World

The Brooks Pure Project are similar to the Newtons in that they have a very low heel-to-toe drop. I'm a life-long heel striker converting to a mid/forefoot striker over the last couple years. So, my calves etc are not quite built up for this new gait. This RW note supports my suspicions about my recklessness with the PureFlows. Please learn from my mistakes!

April plans:

Until I am confident I won't be aggravating my PF, SWIM, BIKE, STRENGTH TRAIN and GENERAL FITNESS. I have a hard time motivating for this stuff if I'm not doing it between runs but I'll try to play mind games with myself to get motivated. I'm wondering if I'll really be running (or jogging) that Capital City Half on May 20 that I signed up for?


  1. Why must we keep learning lessons all the time??? :P Such a pain ;-)

  2. oh, i hate that those shoes got the best of both of us. boo. and yes, knowing you, you will be AT LEAST jogging that race. :)

  3. I hope you feel better very soon and will be able to run the half marathon. Good luck!!

  4. What a brilliant post. I was due to get some new running shoes having signed up for The Liverpool Marathon in October. I have run in Brooks adrenalin and was looking for a change. AS this is my third marathon but the first for a long time (New York 2002 and London 2003) I think I will stick witht he shoes I know.
    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  5. I am learning many things there.

  6. I haven't had any issues with my PF once I went to a forefoot strike. Both of my feet get really stiff and sore on longer runs because I'm stressing them more by not having that heel drop but I think they are definitely getting stronger. I like the Brooks Flows and haven't had any problem with that whole 2-year PF disaster wearing them. Hopefully, you can get your feet to be happy in them.

    1. Hmm, good to know you are doing ok in yours. I think I just did too much too fast but I'm not giving up. I was torn between the Brooks & the Newtons but I have a strange loyalty to Brooks for some reason. I think I just need to work on strengthening my arch more. I hear Graston technique helps w/ getting over this stuff? Definitely helped w/ my calf.

  7. Hope youre having a great month so far!