Monday, March 26, 2012

Relay love: MSR, MTS, HTC, FTG

I love relays.

In response to blog-land questions about my favorite races, I always say, "relays." And even more, I love ALL FEMALE relays. It's a powerful feeling to sweat, laugh, cry, sing off-key, and be gutsy with girlfriends. And then finish it all off with burgers and beer!

Mt. Si Relay
Last month, I tried to resurrect an old relay team for the upcoming, Mt. Si Relay (57 miles, 5-people, 2 legs each, < 45 minute drive from Seattle, mostly on rails-to-trail terrain, very scenic). I organized an all-female team in 2007 and 2008. We had a fantastic time running and in 2008 our team placed third in the women's open division! After 2008, babies started to happen and our team faded away.
2007 Team: 30's Are the New 20's
2008 Team: Bootylicious
Unfortunately, my girls can't work it out to reunite this year. Hopefully next year?

Mountains to Sound Relay
Prior to Mt. Si, I organized an all female multi-sport team for the Mountains to Sound relay in 2006 (it's now called the Ironhorse Relay). At that time, the relay ran from the lower Cascade Mountains and finished in Elliot Bay, Seattle. The 100-mile course begins with a mountain bike then transitions to a road bike, kayak leg, 13.1-mile run, and finishes with a 10k "sprint." Sadly, I don't have a single photo but what I do remember is that our team kicked as$ (Team: Easier Than Consulting). Our kayaker was particularly awesome. In the end, our team took FIRST place among women's teams and we all won a free pair of Salomon trail running shoes!

Hood to Coast Relay
I have had the good fortune to participate in HTC two times. The first time was in 1994 for an all-female team sponsored by my then-employer, FootZone (they are now under different ownership - owned by a couple of my co-workers/class mates from back then!). This was such a whirl-wind trip and it happened so long ago, I don't remember a whole lot other than we took FIRST in the female corporate division. I DO remember that I had fun.

1994 Team FootZone
I ran HTC again in 2006 with co-workers and again had a great time. I used to have photos but not sure where they disappeared to.

Falls to Gasworks Relay
This relay doesn't even exist anymore! And what's more, I had completely forgotten that I ran this until a couple weeks ago, I stumbled across a photo with me in it and in the caption a note about our team placing in the open division. Photo taken on April 21, 1996. How can I not remember running this great relay with my college girl friends? Well, I'm SURE I had fun even if I don't remember!
Falls to Gasworks Relay, 3rd place in women's open division (1996)
In 2008, I did the Vashon XTERRA off-road triathlon as a team but not sure if that counts as a relay? (Our girl team came in 2nd or 3rd - can't remember.)

It's been way too long since I've done a relay. What will be next? Maybe Mt. Si in 2013? Or, if Nuun either finds me entertaining or takes pity on my inability to sing on-key, maybe I'll be running HTC?

Everyone should apply for the Nuun HTC team(s), applications due Monday, April 9. Then after you get picked, come run with me while you're hanging out in Seattle!


  1. I have ALWAYS wanted to do a relay but have never done one. Now this post really makes me want to do a relay!!! Good luck on getting on the Nuun HTC team!

    1. You must find one! Isn't there a Ragnar in your neck of the woods?

  2. I agree! Relays are by far the most fun I've had while running. I've done the Wasatch Back Ragnar twice and loved it both times. I really hope you get picked for HTC! That would be great!

  3. I've never done one. Before I considered solo ultrarunning, I thought this sort of thing might be a great gateway. Never quite managed to pull all the people together though.

    Good luck with Nuun HTC. I have no creative video ideas in mind so I probably won't apply.

  4. I have never done a relay. The Mount Si one sounds really fun. I've never even heard of it. Good luck getting into Hood to coast! I hope you get picked:)

  5. I've done two relays here in Colorado. One was in 2009 and it was a co-ed very VERY competitive team and I felt a lot of pressure to perform well. I twisted my ankle in a pothole one my 2nd leg and sprained my ankle and I felt horrible, but everyone was pretty cool about it. The other I did last year after I had been laid-off from running for a very long time. A group of people I didn't know (other than one) but one of them ended up being a great friend ... and changing my life - literally - for the better. So cool how things work out sometimes, isn't it??

    I'd love to do HTC some year but I don't have the funds to do so this year. The 2nd relay group (above) from last year applied for HTC but didn't get in. Good luck with your video app - I so hope it works out for ya!!

  6. i had no clue you had done that many of them!! so cool. omg. i will die if we both get in. just sayin :)

  7. I have done one relay twice - the 100 on 100 in Vermont. Our team was all women but the whole relay isn't. It's a great relay if you ever get this way.

  8. YAY FOR RELAYS! You already know I'm obsessed with them as well! :-) And wait, don't we have TWO weeks for applications? You have me freaked out. And should you and I do a Mt. Si blogger relay team???!!

    1. Oh, I'm in for the Mt. Si blogger team!

  9. Falls to Gasworks...that sounds awesome, they should bring that back! I love love relays need to do the Ragnar Relay this summer, wanna be on my team?

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