Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mama gots new shoes: Half mary training prep

Brooks PureFlow
Since their release on November 1, 2011, I've been using incredible will-power to NOT purchase some PureProject shoes. Well, I just realized that I haven't actually bought a pair of running shoes since 2010! I've gotten so many Brooks wear-testing shoes that worked out for me that I haven't needed a new pair.

With that, I took a splurge. I look forward to Thursday run day to test them out.

THANK YOU for the recommendations on the half marathons in May/June. It sounds like the Capital City (Olympia, WA) is a good bet: nice course, rolling hills, only 1 hr drive, but reasonable chance for bad weather. Coeur d'Alene (ID)is relatively flat and scenic with high probability of warm, dry weather but 9 hours away. NODM (Sequim, WA) is beautiful, relatively flat, only 2-3 hrs drive, but weather may be questionable and this one is on my husband's birthday weekend.

So, I'm thinking I will campaign for a trip to Coeur d'Alene (check ID off my list!) but mostly likely I will end up running Capital City, WA on May 20. Not a bad option! In the meantime, I'll be considering some additional races that some other blogging ladies are registered for:
  • Seahawk 12k (April 1)
  • Top Pot Doughnut 5k (April 29) 
  • Cinco de Mayo 8k (May 5)
  • Capital City Half (May 20)
  • IronHeart Mile (June 9)

In preparation for half marathon training, I attempted my first round of speed intervals since...? Late January or early February? To see how it would feel, I put on 4x800m at 7:11 pace. Aside from messing up my distances on the treadmill because I apparently can't count, it felt TOUGH but do-able. With that, I'll use my upcoming 5k race time to set my training paces for next week's start to half marathon training.

[almost] Time for the games to begin!


  1. Woohoo, let the training begin! Love the new shoes, so sleek:)

  2. I'm doing the Seahawks 12k, well I think I am. I can't remember if I registered or not and I don't know how my knee will be at that point. Nice shoes! I want a pair of the PureProject shoes!

  3. Yay for new shoes! That will be great motivation for the training ahead.

  4. ohh i have been dying to try those too. I mean i love my saucony kinvara, but i don't know those just looked and sounded...awesome!!

  5. I have those shoes! I love those shoes!!

    Lots of great races ahead - woohoo!! Very excited for you!

  6. Love love love the shoes.

  7. Love race planning!! That gives me extra motivation :)

  8. Are thoses minimal shoes?

  9. I also have been DYING to try the new Brooks Pure shoes, I'm jealous! They look kickin'! Also, maybe I'm not positive where you live, but CDA is a pretty direct shot on I90, only about a 5 hour drive from Seattle. I mean that's no joke... but it's on a 3 day weekend and SO LOVELY!! hahaha, can you guess which one I'm rooting for?!

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