Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 1 - Condensed half marathon training

Day 1 began with cross-training: 30 minutes on the stationary bike and 35 minutes of strength work & physical therapy exercises. I was supposed to do 40 minutes on the bike but I stayed up waaay to late and hit my snooze button FOUR TIMES.

Bike: Univision was quite entertaining this morning, even if it was the news. They showed a snowy golf tournament of some sort (a centuries old tradition) in Afghanistan, among other more relevant news in Latin America.

Stats: 7.38 miles in 30 minutes, avg. RPM = 97.

Strength/PT*: I've definitely decided to add pull-ups to my routine, both with palm facing and away. In the interest of keeping this routine as close to 30 minutes as possible, I'm wondering if the addition of pull-ups makes it unnecessary for me to do pull-down with palm facing and away? Do they train similar muscles, so that I can ditch the pull-down? Any trainers out there want to give me some free advice? My purpose is to build up my upper back and arms and hopefully improve my slouchy posture.

Main squeeze: biceps, triceps, delts, lats, hams, abs, lower back, upper back, funky hip things, squats and 1-leg stances on balance discs, heel raises, probably a few other things I can't name. Oh, and LUNGES baby!

*Just a side note about the strength training. I've been doing this on & off, but mostly on, since my injury last summer and I feel STRONG. Like, I could give y'all a good gun show! (not really, but getting closer) Anyway, I could definitely feel the advantage of this renewed upper body strength during this past weekend's 5k. My arms had the strength to pump hard and my legs just had to follow. Last year during marathon training, my arms would fatigue on my longer runs. This spring, I'm curious to see how the upper body strength training plays out on those longer runs.

No unusual Y sightings today - no "white-uniform-runs-fast-on-treadmill-with-no-power" dude, no "child-multi-color-barrette-in-beard" dude, and no "bench-press" dude. But it was busy though, for a regular Monday.

Tomorrow is Track Tuesday: The goal is to try really hard to drag my butt out of bed no later than 5:45 a.m. to hit the track (or treadmill if it's pouring - hate a slippery track) for 6x800m with 90 sec rest interval. Goal pace: 6:58. That's really early for me. It's going to be hard so I'm off to bed now...

*So ditching Evan Dando for Blake Shelton*
**ED is all yours Giraffy**


  1. It's really interesting to read about your training in such detail. Good luck with that track session!

  2. As I sit here contemplating skipping my weights session this morning...thanks for this post. I need to lift!!

  3. Intriguing about the upper body strength. I am a giant pansy, and dislike anything that's pretty uncomfortable. Like push ups. And I for SURE wouldn't try a pull up. But maybe I should.

    PS, you can have Blake. I'm positive ED is redeemable.

  4. i think i have taken my strength for granted. i’m pretty proud of what i can do with weights (so far) and forget how much is does help in running. i think i need to do more back stuff like you said for posture purposes. mine is terrible. hope the speed work went well!

  5. No sightings at all at my pool lately. After being super crowded now I seem to have it mostly to myself.

  6. Gotta love those gym sightings...i use to see this girl I called "anorexic-will-probably-break-and-fall-apart-girl" doing yoga in the sauna. I just wanted to pull her aside and say, hey lets go get a donut, but alas she would of prolly thought I was hitting on her not trying to save her life (seriously it was concerning how thin this girl was...)

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