Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Argh - the shot-ski!

This morning the sky was clear blue and there was a dusting of snow on the ground. I struggled to pull myself out of bed. SO. TIRED. Tuesday. "How has it been a week since I've run? I wonder if snowboarding last weekend counts as cross-training?"

I was dragging at work but managed to get a lot done. All day I was trying to gather enough energy to go run in the sun. Maybe this will give me a boost?
Grape Nuun is Mmm-mmm good.
Nope. Just made me have to pee a lot. I just had to force myself outside and tell myself to go easy. I bundled up and headed out for my standard run along the waterfront. It was beautiful.
The wood bark path feels so great, it's painful to transfer to the black top when the wood path runs out.
I should have been invigorated. But no. It was just going to be one of those tired runs that feel like a struggle to get one foot in front of the other. In the end, it turned out part of my problem was that I was too tense and ended up going too fast for comfort. How does that happen when I want to go slower? TOO UPTIGHT!

At least these bad runs don't happen too often. This time, I think I'm going to blame the fatigue on all the crazy fun at this past weekend's Whistler wedding. In particular...
Note to self: Shot-ski does not benefit running. Though fun, shot-ski hurts head. Argh!

This week: Recovering from too much fun as bridesmaid and hopefully getting rehydrated in time for the St. Paddy's Day 5k on March 17. Can I make it in < 2 weeks? Anyone want to donate their liver to me?


  1. You best be better for St. Patty's Day! Matchy matchy!

  2. Good job getting out for a run in the sun. I had the same problem today but was able to get my run in too! I'm doing St. Paddy's also!

  3. While you were shot-ski-ing (?!), I was busy stalking, meeting, and conversing with our boyfriend in Knoxville.

    And, ps, how hot are you in that snazzy black number?!

  4. Shot-ski's kill me!!!!

  5. Haha, I definitely think you have time to feel good for a 5K in 10 days' time, but then again, I have no idea what a 'shot-ski' is!

  6. um, cutest pic of you. :) grape nuun is my favorite flavor! and yes, snowboarding definitely counts…even if you consumed enough beers to make up for the calories burned.

  7. Snowboarding FOR SURE counts as a workout! In my mind I count a full day of skiing as 3 miles of running :) If you would like the elaborate conversion formula that I made up, let me know.

    Shots taste better when taken from a ski. I have verified it on multiple occasions.

  8. Hahaha....I wondered where in the heck you were going with the shot-ski! Yeah, I so rarely drink so a few of those shot-skis would definitely land me a craptastic run. Heck, I have craptastic runs when I don't even drink :(. But damn girl, you look incredible in that black dress!! I'll give you my liver if you give me your incredible bod!!

  9. Snowboarding has got to count as a workout!

  10. You'll bounce back in plenty of time for that race, and even if you don't... the wedding was fun, right? That's all that really matters. ;)

    PS - Great photo!

  11. Well....this is the bride from that wedding....and while I apologize for contributing to a tired run, I have to tell you all that this girl was a rocking bridesmaid, especially regarding the shot-ski, and everyone is right - she looked super hot doing it!!