Monday, February 6, 2012

Triple Crown

It came in the mail today!

2011 RNR Races: NOLA, Seattle, Las Vegas
Funny thing, a new RNR Vegas half marathon medal came in the mail a couple weeks ago, too. I guess that replaces the RNR Vegas MARATHON medal I was given. Anyone want a marathon medal?

I guess that means I should finally hang my Allied Medal Displays Seattle cityscape hanger I got for Christmas. I have a feeling it may be filled up as soon as it gets installed. This means I may be able to justify purchasing a certain medal hanger on Etsy...(my birthday is coming up, after all).


Ok, just hung it on commercial breaks during The Voice (*Blake Shelton*).

RNR: Double Encore, NOLA, Seattle, Vegas, Triple Crown; NYC half, Maui, Indy Mini, NODM, Vancouver, Yukon, Vashon Is Tri/3rd place team, Hood to Coast, Lk Sammammish Trail, Seattle x3.
Installation was easy: I held the screws and level while awesome hubs pulled the trigger. I think I can squeeze one more medal on?
  • Oldest: Seattle Half Marathon 1996 (I threw away my medal from my 1991 debut half)
  • Most recent: Maui Oceanfront Half Marathon 2012 
  • Smallest: Vancouver (B.C) Half Marathon 2007
  • Biggest: Indianapolis Mini Marathon 2011
  • Hardest earned: Seattle Rock & Roll Half Marathon 2011 (torn calf at mile 14, walked from marathon to half mary finish for total of 15+ miles) 
  • Most scenic: Yukon Do It Half Marathon 2011 (close tie with North Olympic Discovery Half 2010)
  • Most repeated: Seattle Half Marathon 1996, 1999, 2007
  • M.i.A: Seattle Half Marathon 1991, Hood to Coast Relay 1995
You can see, we left plenty of room... my lovely treadmill wall of bling for...

...this one from Etsy: RunningOntheWall (assuming it's o.k. to use mixed media).


  1. Oooh, shiny....pretty...I think I might get a triple crown this year if they are still doing that. Congratulations! Very exciting, and shiny.

  2. That is really nice! I have a feeling you will need plenty more.

  3. Now THAT is impressive!

  4. cool! Love the hanger - so nice and full! I can't wait to fill mine up.

  5. love it!! so funny-i have 2 allied medal hangers and they are both up and full-i think mine are a bit more spread out than yours but the one i want is like the one you posted from a different etsy site. it has 2 rows of hooks. and its cheaper than allied :)

  6. I have the Running on the Wall sign in blue too. I LOVE it. I may have to buy another one in just a few months. And yes, totally okay to mix media- Your wall has lots of space left to fill. :)

  7. Cool! And those hangers are so much classier than what we do in my house: hang them from doorknobs. ;)

    1. ha! Mine have been hanging on a belt/tie hanger in the closet for the last 10+ years.

  8. Weird about the RNR Las Vegas of the many runners in our club received a medal this week in the mail. Others still waiting....the saga continues re: this race and its faux pas! Love the diverse group of races!

  9. Wow I LOVE that Etsy wall hangar. My medal holder is pretty full so it may be time I get another one. How do you get a Triple Crown? Any 3 RnR races or 3 specific ones? How do they keep track of that stuff?

    1. You just have to do any 3 RNR races in a year. For 2 races, you get the Encore, 3 is double crown, goes on. I don't know how they track it with so many participants. Must be one MASSIVE database.

  10. You deserve about 10 medals for doing Vegas RnR - go ahead and keep them all! :)

    I can't find my first marathon medal from 1997, which makes me really sad. Can't find my 2nd one either.

    I don't have a holder (well, I did get one for xmas but not sure I'll use it)....I like to hang the medals on my bathroom door and look at them for the whole year then at the end of the year, I write up a little post about each medal and then put them in a baggie and start fresh the next year. Sometimes I get them out and look at them and remember :). Oh, but I do keep my two Boston medals on my mirror to ALWAYS look at. Haha.

  11. Nice! Like the different categories you have :)