Saturday, February 18, 2012

THIS is why I went online in the beginning

One of the main reasons I started blogging and signed up with Daily Mile is because I was struggling with figuring out how to get back into running after having a baby. Even though I'd been running since I was 16, I just couldn't put all the pieces (especially by broken body) back together.

Reaching out online helped me find inspiration, motivation, and humor. TODAY, I received a fantastic reminder of how helpful this whole virtual running scene is.

Today was filled with lots of house chores, cranking through that never-ending list. Got the little guy down for a nap, laundry in, dishwasher running, and thought about taking some time to relax. So, I sat down at the iMac to check up on the virtual world and saw THIS photograph.

A sweaty, satisfied, triumphant, proud ZOE (Run, Zoe, Run).

So I immediately got up, laced my shoes, and hit the treadmill. I sang loud to my iPod and ran 3 miles totally pain free (turned foot mostly healed, no ham/glute issues). I FEEL GREAT!

After horrible wind and rain, the clouds parted midway through my run and the sun actually came out and poured through the window onto my face. A sure sign that the Running Goddess is pleased with my Theo offerings.


  1. LOVE, LOVE your post!!!
    I found you from my friends blog, running in the right direction...

    I am a new follower and a newbie blogger...trying to get back into the game after surgery.
    i love the motivation you got from your friend to get up and RUN...awesome pic!

    keep it up and keep on writing!

  2. Thanks for this! I think sometimes just seeing someone else "out" there is motivation enough to pull on the shoes! Your first few lines of your post really caught my eye because I have been going through the same bewildering experience of trying to pull a running life back together. Congrats on the run (and all the other stuff you got done along with the run...)

  3. Way to get your sweat on! I just realized you are in Seattle. I also live in the Seattle area. I am doing the St. Paddy's Day Dash too!

  4. Awesome! I love the running community and I'm so glad I started blogging :)

  5. The blogs are such a great motivation and support. Love the photos of you and Zoe, they are both so happy and sum up that feeling of finishing a great run!

  6. I've found so many local runners through the blog world...I now call them friends. It's so cool!! Hope you had a fantastic run :).