Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Running saves

This week, my husband and I are going through a difficult experience. I should be ashamed to admit this, but my first inclination when coping with this difficulty is to go find a bottle of Jameson whiskey. I've never had a drinking problem but in this instance, I'm wanting to forget everything and feel no pain.

At 9 a.m. (in the coffee), 11 a.m. (pre-lunch), 2:00 p.m. (afternoon relaxation), and 8 p.m. (evening reprieve). But I haven't done that. I've thought about it even though I know it's not a healthy response.

Given what is going on, I really think I have a reasonable excuse to be unhealthy for a few days.

What has stopped me?

Aside from the reality that numbing my mind wouldn't help anything and really would just make me feel worse (!!), running and other exercise is what is really helping me through this. If I have an Irish coffee at breakfast, how am I going to feel good enough to run later in the day? If I indulge at lunch, how am I going to lift weights in the afternoon?

Running has saved my liver. It's helped motivate me to not be stupid.
Running has also kept me from wanting to consume the box of See's chocolates sitting on my counter (will someone come remove those please?).
Running has provided stress and tension relief.
Running has cleared my mind and brought some peace, even if temporary.
Running has helped me breath. I've been holding my breath all day, every day this week and that just doesn't work when you're running.
Running has helped tire me out so I can have more restful sleep.

I haven't felt good enough to run very much, but it's enough to keep my feet on the ground this week.

Things are going to improve; we're just waiting for some time to pass.

Now, I need to move on and am looking forward to my best friend's wedding this weekend. I look forward to focusing on my most amazing girlfriends, re-hashing our Vegas shenanigans (including the RNR Half), and thinking about all the fun ahead of us (maybe I can trick them into more races?). 

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  1. Hugs and Prayers for you! Keep those shoes laced up!

  2. I'm sorry, Alma. Hugs to you!

  3. thinking about you…hugs!!!

  4. Thinking about you! Hope things smooth out for you soon.

  5. Lot's of hugs Alma. I hope things get better soon for you and your family.

  6. Aww... Sorry, Alma. I hope things get better soon.
    In the meantime, good for you for sticking with healthy ways to relieve stress.

  7. Sorry you're having a hard time. Way to relieve your stress in a healthy way. Praying for peace and happiness.

  8. Sorry you're stressed. Glad running is able to help.

  9. Hope things smooth out for you soon!

  10. Oh man, girl...I can so relate to this!!! I've dealt with a lot of stress last year (personal, professional, and athletic) and was a HUGE reason why I couldn't get my act together for the Carlsbad Marathon. Everyone tells me that it does get better (it's been going on so long, it just seems like a way of life)...we must believe that, it's what gives us hope. :)

    Enjoy the wedding this weekend, those are always fun!

  11. Hope things are better for your soon. Yay for running!

  12. Thinking of you! Running sure is a saver.

  13. Running has gotten me through some rough patches. I call it run-therapy, who needs a therapist when you can bust out miles or run (and chat in the process) with amazing people! Have fun this weekend!

  14. I hope everything will work out for you. Yes and running IS therapy. I started a running group called sole sisters and we all need the Saturday run for one reason or the other :)