Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Excuse me, Miss, but how much do you bench?


"I mean, I saw you lifting and your arms just look really big. So I'm curious about how much you can bench." 

"I don't bench. I do push-ups." 

"Oh, well, you look about like me, I mean, my arms are about like yours when I'm lifting, small but solid, so I - "

"You are saying I'm husky? Thick? Like a guy?"

"No, I'm not saying you don't look good. I'm saying...I was just curious about what you bench." 

"Well, I don't know, I don't bench press."

I was almost done with my strength routine this morning when some guy and I had this little exchange. How should I take that? I was laughing at the time, it was so random. Who asks that? If I had been bench pressing, it would make more sense. I'm pretty clueless about stuff but I'm positive that this was not a feeble attempt at a pick-up. Honestly, since I was in college (I was lifting a lot then), I've been told many times by both women and men that I'm


and it was kind-of meant as a compliment but really, I don't like being described this way. Those are not characteristics typically associated with being feminine, attractive, or even fit. What's wrong with using



In other news, bizarro track workout on the stationary bike went well this morning (before I did my strength routine). I was supposed to do 4 x 1200m in 5:30 with a 400m rest interval. I pedaled hard (120 RPM) for my 5:30 interval then pedaled easier (80-90) RPM for my rest interval of 90 seconds. All in all, it was 12.16 miles in 45 minutes (includes warm-up / cool-down). I was definitely sweating when I was done and feel like it was good for my legs to work on a fast turn-over.

Tomorrow is a run day and even though today was an "interval" day, I'm really tempted to do my tempo run (3 miles) instead of doing it on the elliptical. Hmmmm.
I should run easy.
But I want to run tempo.
I should go easy to be sure I'm healthy.
But I want to run tempo.
I should stick with the bizarro plan.
But it feels good to run hard...

[Please make Conda go away.]


  1. From my point of view, I don't think of you as husky, thick or solid. Well, maybe solid, but more from being mentally tough.

    What kind of guy asks a random woman about bench pressing when she's not actually doing it? Kinda weird.

    Your (hopefully) TFS buddy,

  2. Haha, that exchange is pretty funny! I think guys think in terms of husky, thick, and solid and I'm sure he didn't mean you were actually husky or anything :). But I would take that compliment and run with it...that is awesome!

    And I second your please make Conda go away comment...she is the TOXIC one on that show!

  3. Strange exchange but I would actually be happy to be noticed for strength! He never said husky or thick - he said "small but solid." I agree that husky and thick are not complimentary but solid is to me the opposite of flabby/weak so I like it. I would take that as a compliment and just a recognition that you actually have visible muscles when you are lifting.

    I hate the word "toned." To me that means I want to lift weights but not look like I have any muscles. As one who finds muscle beautiful this irks me to no end.

    1. Hmm, I like toned because to me it does mean muscles are apparent but just not like a body builder. Like, the women in Athleta or Title 9 catalog are usually pretty cut. I would call them toned but maybe I'm off?

  4. Some people are just weird! I think of you as slim, fast, and inspiring.

  5. Don't you hate it when people say weird stuff and you don't know how to take it? I do think he was doing a really lame job of trying to pick you up.

  6. People are weird. Who says stuff like that? Rude.

    Running fast is overrated.

    Chick who had an ishtty run last night when she tried to run fast.

    1. Sorry about your run! I like to run HARD which is not necessarily FAST!

  7. well I've never met you, but from the photos of yourself, I'd definitely say you are more TFS than HTS!

  8. people are so flipping weird. i would say you are toned, fit and strong. agree with conda. so over this season i can hardly watch it. never seen so many whiney, bitchy people in one show in my life. Not even in a real housewives episode.

  9. That man must be an engineer.

    I love when people say really awkward things. Next time just stare blankly back and say something like "So if I say that I bench more than you, does this mean you are really weak or that I am really strong?"

    1. HA - too true! I have so many engineer jokes! Love the come-back. I'm curious to see if he's in the gym tomorrow morning.

    2. I also have a ton of engineering jokes... because I am one :) Oh and this is random, but I think I work with your husband (just not in the same office anymore, I recently moved to Denver... wish i would have found your blog when I lived in Seattle!).

    3. At TtEC? Are you still with them? Crazy!

  10. I haven't watched this week's BL, but I hate Conda! :)

    As far as the run tomorrow, listen to you body - don't push it!! I've learn that lesson...

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  12. Hmm...
    Sort of an awkward conversation, but I'm sure he meant well?
    Heck, maybe he was hitting on you!

    I say be proud of your guns - whether you earned them from pushups or bench-pressing doesn't really matter. You earned them. :)

  13. I think you should definitely DEFINITELY take that as a compliment! That's awesome someone noticed all your hard work! And you have officially inspired me to do more pushups.

  14. Wow that all came out weird. Don't be offended though. I'll bet he had good intentions. TBL sucks this season and so does the Bachelor. I barely watch either.

  15. I've never had anyone - ever - speak to me in the gym. They probably all think they'd better not disturb me since I'm so out of shape and need to work harder - ha! I bet he was just being complimentary, sometimes people just have no social skills.

    I have only seen about 5 minutes of TBL this season, which happened to be this week and omg I wanted to take my hands through the tv and strangle Conda. What is her issue?!?!? ugh.

  16. He was flirting with you. He's awkward and doesn't know how to talk to women, especially in a gym where just about anything a guy says to a woman paints him as being a sexist pig that ogles women while he works out.

    Take it as a compliment paid in a strange way.

  17. Guys speak a different language. He was complimenting you; he was impressed. My whole teen/adult life, guys (including my husband)have called me big. I'm 5'9" - I'm TALL, not big. But to men the two are synonymous.