Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What the butt?

When a track interval hurts, speed up! That way, it will be done quicker. Right? Well, not today. You just might end up stopping before the interval is complete.

I've been ignoring a little soreness at the top of my right hamstring, where it connects to the base of my butt (?). I have no idea what the technical term for this location is. Anyone? It's been "there" but not slowing me down so I've been letting it ride.

It hurt more than normal during last week's speed work (that was HALF of a speed workout due to being short on time). I could feel the nag for the last couple miles of Sunday's long run, but it was nothing that alarmed me.

This morning I was so very excited to get some speed work in for the Furman FIRST/Run Less, Run Faster 5k training program: 1600 (400m RI), 1200 (400m RI), 800 (400m RI), 400 (400m RI). I got almost 3/4 through that first interval and that nagging pain suddenly became acute.

I did the responsible thing: STOP. DROP. ROLL. 

That foam roller found a lot of tenderness back there, right where I sit.

Next, I did the irresponsible thing: I got back on the treadmill. It HURT to run. I couldn't deny it. I jogged slowly, vowing to at least get 3 miles in for the day (because I'm stubborn). Maybe the soreness would go away after a bit?

It did subside after a few minutes but it certainly did NOT go away.

So here I sit on a pack of ice, reaching out to Blogland for any thoughts about this damn thing.

I will sit on ice all day today, maybe even bite the bullet & take some NSAIDS. I will be a good girl and will cross train and continue to ice tomorrow. Thursday, I have an appointment at Brooks to be a running lab rat. I've been looking forward to this appointment all month.

Dear pain in my ass, please don't make me cancel this appointment...


  1. Rest, Ice, Compress, I don't know how you'd elevate your butt, so I'll skip that one.

    And, um. I'm probably insane, but I'd just rest and pop some aleve, and still go to the Brooks appointment and tough it out to be a lab rat.

  2. Hope your arse feels better! Missing your Brooks thing would suck!

  3. Try rolling it out with a lacrosse ball while sitting on the edge of a chair if you have one, or a tennis ball (though they're a little too soft) if that's all you have around. There's also those tripper point massage balls that you can find at a lot of running stores. I've read that tight hips and quads can result in this type of injury, so be sure to be stretching those out as well. Good luck, hope you feel better soon!

  4. keep foam rolling and icing. hopefully its just a pull. or get a massage!! and um, brooks. so jealous. for realz. I want in. I need to move to seattle. i want to be a running lab rat. i can’t wait to read all about it!

  5. Damn, thought there might be a butt shot!

    Consider rolling on a tennis ball. Other than that - I got nothing except my slightly sexist comment above.

  6. Oh my gosh, how crappy! I don't have any advice other than the regular RICE (minus the E) and taking some Aleve. I hope you don't have to cancel your appointment with Brooks.

  7. Yikes. I've used sitting on a tennis ball to help with sciatic pain in the backside. It is so typical of a runner to think that pain will hopefully go away if you keep running and ignore it - I'm just the same. When will we learn?!

  8. Yes, to the tennis ball. They are amazing. Good luck keeping that appointment.

  9. Have you ever done those "100ups"? I swear, once I started doing them regularly it alleviated a lot of my butt pain! Hope the pain subsides soon!

  10. Tennis ball!!! It might be your piriformis and the ball will help. I'll keep my fingers cross you will be better for your appointment.

  11. Dude...why didn't you just ask your new sister in law who happens to be a certified athletic trainer??? Sounds like you have hamstring tendonitis at their origin. All three of your hamstring muscle bellies originate from your ischial tuberosity (bony part of your butt that you sit on). All of your training could have irritated the tendons at their origin (hence your pain in the ass). Good call with the ice. Ice as much as you can and antiinflammatories as needed. Rest is usually the best thing for tendonitis, but I doubt you'll do that so cross training is not a bad idea. The massage with a ball can help, but if it's too painful, back off of that. You could do an ice massage by freezing a water bottle and rolling around on that for like 10 min. If the pain persists you might want to consider physical therapy because they can do a couple of iontophoresis treatments that should really help settle it down. When you stretch your hamstrings, do so gently, especially until the pain settles down. Focus more on the icing and antiinflammatories until your pain decreases and then work on the stretching. Also some of your adductor muscles (muscles on the inside portion of your thigh) attach at the ischial tuberosity so you might want to stretch those out. You didn't fall on your butt right? Because you have a bursa where those tendons attach and you could have irritated that (like what happened in your elbow a while back).