Monday, January 23, 2012

Team Gab Virtual Race (AKA Maui Oceanfront Half Marathon)

It's time for Team Gab! 

Before reading this race report, check Giraffy's page HERE to learn about the race she is running in honor of her youngest who has been fighting leukemia for over a year. Team Gab is raising money for the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation (It's tax deductible, yo! Get your last 2011 donations in NOW!) . 

Yesterday I had the good fortune and pleasure to run the Maui Oceanfront Half Marathon with the lovely Kim @ (Just) Trying is for Little Girls. I dedicated this race to Gabs and am rooting for Giraffy's team to kick a$$ in the fundraising. Before I describe this great event, a few thanks are in order:
  1. Thank you Giraffy for being such an inspiration with all that you somehow manage to do in the same amount of time that I do much less (run, work, mom to many, fund raise, etc).
  2. Thank you to KIM for inspiring us to take our first trip to Hawai'i (and for me to register for this race). 
  3. Thanks to our Alaskan Airlines credit card for providing a $99 companion voucher every year ($650 savings for one ticket).
  4. Thanks to Costco for hooking us up with an affordable package for accommodations & a car, making this trip possible for us.
A few days before this race, Average A (Diary of an Average Runner) saw a DailyMile entry for a run in Ka'anapali and shot me a message. She was coming to run Maui too! However, Average A is not even close to average. After waking up at 2:30 a.m. the day before the race so she could catch the sunrise on Kaleakala (volcano) and BIKE down to the bottom from 7,000 ft, she picked up her bib and upgraded from the half to the FULL MARATHON. Loca! Kim et al. and me, hubs, and little man met up with A and her friends at the Maui Brewing Co. for dinner. Unfortunately, that was the only time I saw A.

For the race, Kim and I had originally planned to show our Husky pride, wearing super cute purple & gold UDub cotton/poly blend shirts, black skirts, and purple tie-dye socks. After I arrived in Maui, I realized we would end up in an aid car due to heat stress if we ran in this. 

Plan "B" was to go AQUA and get lei'ed:

Race start: 6:45 a.m.
Prettiest race bib ever.
Kim, her hubs S, and I started out the race together after hanging out at what was NOT the race start. Oops. We found the correct location in time, no worries. I was feeling a bit rough from the get-go, like from spending so much time in the sun, sand, and surf during previous days, not drinking enough water, and having one too many Mai Tais and mother's milk from Maui Brewing Company:
Thanks for the recommendation, Jamoosh!
Why yes, that IS my SkirtSports running dress I'm wearing! Works well for running, beach wear, AND being a lush!

Ok, back to the race: Kim and I ran together the entire time. I have the potential to run my mouth nonstop so hopefully I didn't drive Kim too crazy with my chatter but I really enjoyed having the time with her. We talked about other runner bloggers, boobs, families, marriage, jobs, running, and more running.

After about 3 miles, Mr. S peeled away from us and we didn't see him again until the finish line (total sandbagger, "I'm not in shape, I'll probably walk!"). The 3-mile mark was about the time the field started to thin out enough to where we didn't have to weave in and out of traffic and could finally settle into a groove together.

The course started in Lahaina then ran south along the oceanfront highway. On the way out, we enjoyed the sunrise, ocean views, and cool breeze. I totally spaced on taking photos until after the turn-around, when I REALLY needed the distraction because by about mile 8, I started to hurt. The sun was well up by then, I was hot and thirsty, and there was no shade. The views helped a lot and I kept thinking about how great it would feel to jump in the water at the finish line.

Random people, nice view
One of several parks/beaches along the highway
That's KIM up there!
The last couple miles were tough, no lie. I should have been better hydrated and poured water over my head at previous aid stations to cool off. It helped having Kim there to plug along with. It was a relief to see the finish line. We crossed the mat in 2:06:50 with big smiles. Post race, we enjoyed water, fresh oranges, water, pineapple, water, macadamia nut cookies, and more water. 

Until Brightroom publishes their photos of our glorious finish together, I can only share these finish pics:
The Girlz 
+ "S" 
Post-race refreshing dip, contemplating the view before heading back to the car.
If you made it this far, go back to the top and click the link to register for your own Team Gab Virtual Race - any distance, anywhere, anytime before February 17.


  1. Just got back from dinner, checking ye old blog before winding down. Great race report. I'm so glad your husband got a pic of you in the water. What a great choice you made to jump in!

    Thanks again for running with me. I enjoyed our/your talk. Let's get together again in March, shall we?

  2. Those photos just look beautiful, so sunny and scenic. Well done on the run!

  3. Great race and great cause! I was there for that exact race 6 years ago except I was not a runner then--my hubby ran it! Love that area--we had a pkg from Costco too that rocked!

  4. Congrats! What a beautiful place for a race and way to hop in the ocean after:)

  5. sounds like a great time! You ladies make me want to go back to Maui!!

  6. That is freaking BEAUTIFUL.

    Thank you for running!!

  7. What a stunning place to race!!!

  8. Gorgeous! You too! Good call to jump in, what an inspiration you are!

  9. Stunning place to race esp. with friends!

  10. Ahhhh beautiful!! What a perfect trip!!

  11. Gorgeous photos! It sounds like it was a wonderful race-cation!

  12. Great race report. Sounds like a fun time!

  13. I apologize, I am so behind on blogs...I had no idea you were in freaking HAWAII!! How damn lucky you are, especially at that $99 companion ticket! Hooray!!

    Yeah, I think if I were "racing" in Hawaii, it wouldn't be for any sort of PR or fast race, just to enjoy the experience as I'd be enjoying life way too much there. And me is not used to that sort of humidity, bleh! You had a great race despite all, girl! Happy for you :).

    Enjoy the rest of your vaca, think of us back here in Continental US freezing to death! ;)

  14. Now that is a place where I would love to run one day. Great run and lovely report. The photos are all great!

  15. Wow, what a fabulous place to run and a great report. I am just getting started on training for my first marathon your post is inspirational